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Social Shares linked to a Contest Incentive Model to Encourage People and Plussers to share your iMap with their Sphere of Influence

similar to pay with a tweet only different and probably a lot more fun

#cmtip #thinglink
An interactive image by FerreeMoney.
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Social shares have been the new SEO since 2008 and social bookmarking +Neil Ferree :] You may have heard my scathing comment on that at the end of the HOA the other day. 
actually +Chris Lang i had to exit early on the Hangout but knowing your expertise • I circled back to replay the YT feed and glad I did • and yeah we're in sync with the same Mantra
The replay will be up soon with my show notes, been fighting insomnia all week.
Hey +Al Remetch (if) you can tell me which icon points to my YT channel + the H1 of the Video • you win the boobie prize (and) if you touch and share this iMap • you get to peak behind the green door and you know what THAT means ;-)
ahh ... no biggie • blatant bribery anyway so its OK