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Social Pecking Order as of Jan `13
Google+ Is Now the #2 Largest Social Network In The World

A recent report by Global Web Index has revealed that +Google+ has now surpassed Twitter in active users!

This quick graphic I created only shows the numbers for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, although Technically +YouTube was considered #3 and Twitter came in at #4.

If anyone has yet to see the value in Google+ as a platform to build an audience for their business or brand, they seriously need to re-think some things.

[HT +Rahul Roy and +martin shervington for making me aware of the original report:]

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I'd love to know what is meant by an "active" user-
I was skeptical of G+ at first, but am now looking to G+ more often. FB for me is more personal, family and friends. G+ allows expanded interaction with more topic oriented folks of my choosing. I do think G+ in its current state is a sleeping giant that will have a huge impact.
Features and functionality wise G+ has matured more quickly than any other social network (IMO), however like all networks it will live and die on the "social" part. If it doesn't have the userbase it won't gain traction, and then you get the chicken and egg scenario many other networks have seen before.

Google's main USP is their ability to effortlessly dictate online marketing strategies the world over - the trickle down effect from this will happen (and in places it already is), it's only a matter of time.