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AR + Authorship + Author Rank is not an Exact Science • Not Yet Anyway

A few weeks ago I was doing some recon for a client to ID his top socials. I did an "exact match" for both his full name and business name to see what Google results would come back in the SERP's and all was as it should be.

Out of curiosity I did the same search on my full name and business name and discovered that Google had replaced the on my Vimeo profile with that of Joost from Yoast (see image 1)

I asked the master of AR (aka) +Mark Traphagen how this molestation could occur and I'm not sure the reply was 100% on the mark (no pun intended)

A couple minutes ago (2-10-13) I ran the same search (see image 2) my point is as good as Google is • they're not 100% accurate every time when it comes to connecting ones rel=author to ones content one creates
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+Neil Ferree how could you discount my advice when you never used it?

I told you that the false authorship attribution to +Joost de Valk was because the only place your name appears on your Vimeo profile is in an <h1> tag. And Google was picking up Joost's name as a familiar author from a promo further down on your profile. 

My advice to you was to edit your profile text so that your name was in it and see if Google picks you up for it. You never did that, so please don't say my advice didn't work.
In addition, as we've said numerous times in this community, there is never any guarantee that you will get authorship attribution for everything, and recently Google has seemed to get stingier when it comes to giving it for social profiles.
On the contrary +Mark Traphagen your advice is always taken at full value never discounted. I may have been a little dramatic in my example but not intended in any way to minimize your tip on how to remedy the snafu and you're right, I didn't go back into my Vimeo profile and make any change whatsoever what a slacker i can be and that's why I posted this 2 image set. I was wondering how it fixed itself?
+Neil Ferree all I meant by "discounting my advice" was your statement that you didn't think I was "100% on the mark," when you didn't try the very thing I'd advised. Didn't take it personally, my friend, was just pointing out that (seeming) incongruity.

Now I better understand what you were trying to point out. You consider that it "fixed itself" because now instead of showing Joost's attribution, it shows none at all. I think what you're seeing is not so much a fix, but more likely a result of the slightly more conservative approach to attribution we've been seeing lately, where things that used to get it (like Vimeo profiles) now often don't.
Yep, I kinda missed the mark on this one, but I'm working on it ;-) 
Hey, I often miss the mark, and I am one! (My one goal in life is that when I'm gone, a few people will actually "miss the Mark")
Google Auth is just starting up. Cut it some slack, eventually they will make it perfect. :)
This is good stuff. Wish it were on a video hangout. You two would get several views from me.
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