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This is a rather brilliant bit of trolling. As an experiment, these two men interviewed people on the street, reading them highlighted verses from the Qur'an (all of a particularly bloody-minded nature, lots of executing women, demanding obedience, and so on and so forth), and asking them for their responses to it, what it made them think about Islam and about Muslims, and how it compared to Christian norms.

Then they revealed that they had actually been reading from the Bible.

Since they pulled this in the Netherlands, people's responses were mostly amusement and realizing that they had a number of prejudices that they weren't aware of. I'm not sure what would happen if you tried to do this in the US, except for the general assumption that people would probably become violent, just sort of on principle.

Via +Laura Gibbs 

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"Daddy, the z button doesn't work...."
Circuit board patched.
Happy kids.

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It's as good as it promised! =D

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I bloody love this vlog!
"Neat farmers, they're the outliers, they're the statistical anomaly."

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Red Dwarf Series XI and XII Announced!
As the entire population of the world obsesses over the birth of a baby in London, 3 million light years away in a substantial space vessel belonging to the Jupiter Mining Corporation, 4 hopeless smegheads prepare for more adventures.
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII
Recording starts late October 2015.
12 new episodes.
Broadcast on Dave in the UK, and no doubt on many other channels globally.
Shed loads of Smeg Ups
Original cast (they couldn't get anyone decent to do it)
Original writer (Doug-Chief of Comedy Police-Naylor)
About 18 kilos of rubber, 12 H's, a lot of hair extensions, sequins, Vindaloo and a new smeg hammer.

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Bedroom Camping
1 tent pole + 1 blanket + 2 clothes pegs = 1 super happy, three year old girl.

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From Maisey Mouse to a blown mind
I've always been of the mind that when my kids ask something, I'll use whatever I can to explain it as best I can. This came into play during Bedtime Reading tonight.
Evie had chosen "Maisey's Big Book of Words" for tonight's reading and while we were going through the words, we came to "Wheat".

"Daddy, what is Wheat?"
"It's a plant that looks a little bit like sweetcorn", I told her. "Would you like to see a picture?"
"Yes please."

I grabbed my phone and said "OK Google, show me pictures of wheat."

Evie had a look through some pictures of wheat crops as I explained about the seeds of the plant being used to make food, such as Weetabix.

"Can I see videos of making Weetabix?" Evie asked.

"Let's find out" I said. "OK Google, show me how Weetabix is made."

Evie and I then sat and watched the following video. Then we watched it again. And again. Then she asked questions about it while we watched it again and we had a big chat about farming and how lots of foods go from farms to the shops and then we buy them and bring them home.

The Weetabix Story - Field to Bowl:

I would like to thank +Google and +WeetabixFoodCo for their work. Without that work, my 3 year old would have had to settle for just an explanation of how it all works. Instead, she had access to visual information, right there during story time and she went to bed tonight with a better understanding of how the world works.
So, thanks for that.

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I've finally seen a Mantis Shrimp
These things are freaking awesome and I saw one at Cockfields Farm Aquarium.
See this comic strip of amazing Mantis Shrimp facts:
What do you think? Is the Mantis Shrimp the most awesome creature ever?

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Fancy a sneak peek at the future?
Google's "Project Ara" is gathering steam. There is a (kind of) working prototype already (see video).
I reckon we will see modular Smartphones hit the market in the next few years.
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