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You Can Learn Anything
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nice share
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Neil Capper

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From Maisey Mouse to a blown mind
I've always been of the mind that when my kids ask something, I'll use whatever I can to explain it as best I can. This came into play during Bedtime Reading tonight.
Evie had chosen "Maisey's Big Book of Words" for tonight's reading and while we were going through the words, we came to "Wheat".

"Daddy, what is Wheat?"
"It's a plant that looks a little bit like sweetcorn", I told her. "Would you like to see a picture?"
"Yes please."

I grabbed my phone and said "OK Google, show me pictures of wheat."

Evie had a look through some pictures of wheat crops as I explained about the seeds of the plant being used to make food, such as Weetabix.

"Can I see videos of making Weetabix?" Evie asked.

"Let's find out" I said. "OK Google, show me how Weetabix is made."

Evie and I then sat and watched the following video. Then we watched it again. And again. Then she asked questions about it while we watched it again and we had a big chat about farming and how lots of foods go from farms to the shops and then we buy them and bring them home.

The Weetabix Story - Field to Bowl:

I would like to thank +Google and +WeetabixFoodCo for their work. Without that work, my 3 year old would have had to settle for just an explanation of how it all works. Instead, she had access to visual information, right there during story time and she went to bed tonight with a better understanding of how the world works.
So, thanks for that.
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You sir, are a dad to be proud of.
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Neil Capper

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Fancy a sneak peek at the future?
Google's "Project Ara" is gathering steam. There is a (kind of) working prototype already (see video).
I reckon we will see modular Smartphones hit the market in the next few years.
Project Ara is still going strong, and Google demonstrated it at I/O at the ATAP presentation. Project Ara Technical Lead Paul Eremenko talks up the modula... by Michael Crider in Google, News, Project Ara
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Time lapse of a distant star thowing a hissy-fit

What you see here is a 4 year time lapse of a star which temporarily became 600,000 times brighter than our sun. As the pulse of light which was emitted made it's way through space, it illuminated the interstellar dust. NASA captured pictures of that illuminated dust and made this time lapse.*

Hubble: Timelapse of V838 Monocerotis (2002-2006)…:

*I had to be specific with that description as, although it looks like a massive explosion of dust, it's way more awesome than that.

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This is amazing, to see something unfold like this is quite a privlidge. They think it is a rare type of supernova when I read about it, but there are many thoerys. Very exciting :)
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Neil Capper

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Bluetooth headphone adapter - magnetic Tshirt clip
I've added a rare earth magnet to the back of the unit. Hold a couple of other rare earth magnets inside your Tshirt and pop the unit in place. It'll stay in place while you run.

Also, I hot glued the unit together, using a bit of scrap wire as a temporary spacer at each corner so that the gap is uniform. Once the +sugru seal is in place around the edges, it'll look great. 
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Careful what you pinch!
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Bluetooth headphone adapter - Nothing is safe!
I received this in the post today. £8 Bluetooth adapter. Plug in your own headphones, pair it up. Wireless headphones.
Pretty straight forward.

Except that wire is unnecessarily long.
Let's see if we can sort that...

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+Brock Norman FYI, I had it running through my brother's decent custom car audio install today and it was crystal clear.
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Neil Capper

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Bedroom Camping
1 tent pole + 1 blanket + 2 clothes pegs = 1 super happy, three year old girl.
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I used to do this quite a bit when I was young. This brings back memories. 
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Neil Capper

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I've finally seen a Mantis Shrimp
These things are freaking awesome and I saw one at Cockfields Farm Aquarium.
See this comic strip of amazing Mantis Shrimp facts:
What do you think? Is the Mantis Shrimp the most awesome creature ever?
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Similar eyes and arms of a mantis 
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Neil Capper

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So, I'm taking the girls camping soon. I don't know what the campsite looks like yet so I'll have to complete the map on the sly once I know how it's set out but.... Here's the progress so far on treasure map that we will "find" at some point while we're there.
I bet it will lead to chocolate coins!

It's pretty easy to do:
Take some thick paper (I used wallpaper lining paper)
Tear the edges off
Fold and scrunch it as desired
Coat it in black coffee and dry it on a low heat in the fan oven a few times to get the main colour (I sat mine on a sheet of tin foil which seemed to add texture to the colour)
Singe and blacken some of the edges using a candle flame
Use oil and a different dark liquid (I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar) to add detail splashes.
Maybe add a cup stain or something for extra detail. 
I added the binding cord by making four holes and threading some brown garden twine through.
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+Neil Capper Haa Time Machine next.
I got mine on Ebay but its not quite working properly yet, their service department said the part I need is on back order.
Lets all meet up in 5963 and 0008  
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Bluetooth headphone adapter - Finished

Here's how it started:
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Do you mean the pin inside the socket?
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Bluetooth headphone adapter - rewired
The adapter is working perfectly with the rejigged wiring but the case doesn't quite close with the jack fitted inside.
It's not a problem, it just means that I will have to lay a bead of +sugru around the edge. . Only problem is that I've run out of black.
+Ian Mascarenhas I don't suppose to have a pack of black that you would swap for a pack of white, do you? 
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Neil Capper

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Helmet Lights - Circuit Board Complete
Coming up next...
Battery holders.

I think I can actually mount the board underneath the mesh cover where the brake LEDs are, which is nice. 

Edit: I can mount the board there and I have done. Used a couple of blobs of the most versatile substance known to humankind (+Sugru) to pack it out and stop it getting bent. 
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Not a bad idea actually +Jeremy Goldsmith . If I can't keep it all integrated, I might have to go for that approach.

+Graham Parkinson, I like this idea a lot actually. As I am thinking of starting a Moto vLog soon, this could be the best approach.
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