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ProTechReport is a new reliable source of news, reviews, opinions and the latest updates from the world of Technology.
ProTechReport is a new reliable source of news, reviews, opinions and the latest updates from the world of Technology.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Revealed
The long expected Red Dead Redemption 2 was finally proclaimed 2 days agone by the Rockstar Games. The studio was teasing this awesome game with . totally different footage on the social forums, making the publicity among the fans while not mentioning a sin...

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NVIDIA Rolls Out Budget Series GTX 1050 and 1050ti Graphics Card
Earlier this year NVIDIA announced its high end Pascal based
graphics card named GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060. These graphics card had amazing sales
due to their performance, power consumption and there design respectively, but they
didn’t released any budget gr...

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HTC Bolt Upcoming Mid-Range Smartphone Running Android Nougat 7.0
HTC a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturing company which was
known for its quality smartphones back in the days had a downfall due to other
smartphone giants introducing innovative smartphones which resulted in a great
loss for the company, In May 2016 HTC la...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From All Airlines in The U.S
Background of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Discontinuation: Samsung recently released its note series flagship
smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in real life it was a perfect phone
for everyone who likes bigger displays like me but it had an unknown issu...

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Top 5 Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives That Won’t Explode
Samsung released its Note series flagship smartphone the
Galaxy Note 7 in the mid of August-September 2016, this smartphone was one hell
of a masterpiece but due to one fault it ended up becoming a history, Note 7
was considered the most beautiful smartphon...

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Download Paid Apps and Games Free on iOS 10, 10.0.2
Everybody loves using apps on their smartphones some also
like to play different kind of games on their phones some applications and
games are free of cost on the appstore and are easily available for a user to
download and use them but some apps and games ...

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL : All You Need To Know
Google recently decided to get rid of its Nexus project
which you all must know about or if not let me tell you about it, Nexus was a
program started by Google in 2010 where Google partnered with different
smartphone manufacturers and made custom smartphone...

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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Specification Features and Price
Samsung released a new budget series since last year called
the J series which included Samsung Galaxy J2, J5 and J7 respectively. Samsung
decided to continue this series and updated those previous models in terms of
specifications, design and camera obviou...

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Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 Overview Features Galaxy S6 Hardware
After the release of updated versions of the previous
Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, A3, A5 etc it looks like Samsung is coming up with a new
updated version of the Samsung Galaxy A8 too after being leaked on a lot of
online platforms Samsung released it officially...
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