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Can't help posting another!! I went to pasar malam (night market), yesterday. Read more about pasar malam here: I bought took a lot of photos! Everything are so mouth-watering I ended up not buying anything. Haha.

Chicken wings anyone? :D
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Boy that looks good! Interesting they hang the prepared chicken above the grill before bringing it down to cook. I imagine a health inspector would freak out if they did that over here. I love markets like that. Usually the best tasting food in town.
pasar malam dimana?,gila..sayapnya bikin ngiler..
Yum!!! Thanks for the link to the explanation of pasar malam. We don't have anything quite like this (in terms of a dedicated outdoor street-food market) but we have many food trucks now in NYC.
OMG! so beautiful! can i have one pleace! :);)
I seriously missed pasar malam with its smoky atmosphere and peddling of all kinds of goods, not to forget the chicken wings glazed in honey (weird at first but it has an acquired taste). As for my wife Ayam Tulang!!! Do they still sell it?
going to a pasar malam on sunday here in the Netherlands. I will make some pictures too.
+Dan McDermott hahaha. Yeah funny that I imagine here, health inspector might just come but actually to join the 'party'. :P
How you could pass through a pasar malam without buying a stick of satay, an order of roti canai, or at least a glass of teh tarik is beyond me. It sound so.... so....illegal! :D
Tak pasti la Ben, orang sembelih macam mana. Tapi kalau Neesa makan, kita pun ikut jee!
benar kamu ucap denis ! kalau neesa nak makan pula, pasti saye ikut ( mau, mau, mau )
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks sooo good:)
Yeah sometimes I surprise myself too. Hahaha. I lived in M'sia and have been in Baling few times too. By the way happy belated birthday +Neesa Butterberry
+Denis Llagami hehehe sangat kagum!! Yes I remember you told me you lived here. Which part and for how long?

Jangan risau. Belum lagi lah. Hehe. Masih ada chance kalau nak bagi hadiah. Hahaha. Kidding. My birthday is on 27th soon ;)
OOps sorry, wrong date. Hadiah.... hmmm, belanja cawan teh atau kopi kaw kat kedai pak Long. I studied in PJ. (IIU) then worked in Singapore. (my wife is Singaporean). As for north Malaysia I have been several times in Baling, Sik. Of course kelantan too. InshaAllah will be going this summer there again at some friends of ours in Shah Alam and Subang. If I see you will make sure to belanja kat kedai mamak. (my favourite). Take care and have a nice week ahead +Neesa Butterberry 
Jo Pin
Looks delicious. I'd love to try it when I visit Malaysia again. Where can I find it?
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