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Today I saw such results in SERP in android in incognito mode, see screenshots. slow in RED. So the speed of webpages is now being taken into account for in Search Engine Result Pages.
Please discuss and confirm. Have anybody noticed this already...
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I don't see this change in my mobile. May be Google testing this new feature. 
Not showing for all keywords. So hopefully it is under testing right now and soon going to be rolled out across all searches.
But it's a good move for better UX.
LOL.... They are showing youtube. :)
I tried replicating this on a phone which did not report my location, using a wifi data connection and Chrome in incognito mode, couldn't get it to appear?
i cant replicate, so most likely you caught some testing
I had searched neeraj kumar and these are first 2 pages.
I again tried to get same results but in vain.
I think #SERP position may not be affected for now but certainly Google is trying to tell searchers that these sites are slow and so if you click them have patience to let it fully open... :)
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