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A new Beginning, A New Blog, A Few Wedding Photos
We thought we'd start by posting a few wedding photos.  More later. Neena, almost ready for the big event Martin, patiently waiting and watching the sky Wedding cake?  Are you crazy, who wants cupcakes and candy pearls!? 

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In 10 days I'm going to marry J. Marin Henninger!  Today, July 18, 2014, is 3 years ago we met.

April 28, 2014

A year and forty eight hours ago, I was listening to live music from the JPO
Hung out and danced late with SLC Photo

A year and twenty four hours ago I learned in a workshop about writing vitae
Along with a new artist resume

A year ago I thought of my daughter as I showered, and what things I wanted to say, to tell her I love her, and things she didn’t know of her childhood
A year ago, I drove to work to be there at 6 am with my hair wet and the windows down
Music blasting, never hitting a red light the whole way there
A year ago early afternoon, I smiled to myself as I felt like I wanted to leave work early, so I left at two

On my way to the car my roommate let me know a police officer was looking to speak to me
I laughed it off, thinking someone planned an elaborate hoax, or maybe my son was in trouble with a traffic something 

A year ago I arrived home and my roommate said the officer had just headed to my office to tell me something, so I called the number he left
He said he’d come talk to me

A year ago my ex-son in law called me as the officer was on his way back to speak to me
He told me my daughter took her life that morning
She shot herself with a gun that was there where she was staying
It could have been while I was in the shower that morning
Or while I was still sleeping
I called my son’s job and he answered the phone
I didn’t want to tell him that way so asked for his boss, to have him sent home
A year ago today when he got there 
I could see by his face 
He was called too
I asked and he fell to his knees at the top of the stairs
My parents I knew would be hurt by this news
I never call but a year ago today I asked them to come see me
Had them sit and hugged my mom and told her this was going to be really hard
She cried with me as I broke down

A year ago this evening my thoughts went to that of organ donation
Wondering if some good could come of all this
Within five minutes a call came in regard to this

I love my daughter
She left her mark on the sand
When we’d gone to the northwest coast years ago
She did this by forming large letters deep into a sand wall above high tide mark
To see if they remained when she returned
She never went back to that place but I saw the wind had worn away the letters she so finely formed
No trace left but a photograph
Yes I can still see her smile

A year ago tomorrow I was making calls and arrangements
Knowing there was nothing to do but take one step at a time
Picked out photos for announcements and memorials
Looked at our family cemetery plots 
Determined cremation and burial near 
Arranged a service outdoors as she loved to be
With family and friends angered and loving

A year gone and still no answers
No reason why even though there were hints and suggestions
Too late, too little, not strong enough
One step at a time, one foot placed, then the other
She left me behind, and her son, and her brother
Determined in life to be so contrary
Bound not to be treated but self-medicated
Drown in alcohol among other things; scary
No acceptance of help or offer of hope
Left us behind
Now we just cope

If you’re thinking of not holding on, of giving up, no matter what’s wrong
Ask for a hand, a help, a heart
There’s no shame in asking 
There must be some place to start


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Apr 17 2013 Sunset
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Many thanks to Amanda Castillo  of CVCA GALLERY WALK for the opportunity to show my work, and to Prescott Walker of St John's for the hospitality and the great venue.  I look forward to being able to show my work in Cache Valley again very soon.
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Photos and paintings by Neena Plant
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