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In the digital age, open access to scientific information can mean we get most benefit from investment in science. Here's our consultation...
European Commission - Public consultation on the 'bio-based economy for Europe: state of play and future potential
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It would be great if more scientific information (research, studies etc.) is made available to non-students or non-academia, and preferably not behind a big whopping pay-wall.
Fortunately even with Open Access there is a business model to be made with Academic content. As an entrepreneur I have found a way and will deploy it later this year. I agree that a pay-wall is old fashioned.
I understand the business model and the need for it, but make it a one-access portal structure for a small fee. So most people can access it.
A small fee? Personally I was thinking about no fee at all for both authors as well as readers. I'd like to think our business model is one step ahead of open access
But the overall question is: do we need an public domain on the internet? And what does it look like?
(And if you say yes, why are all the internetprojects of public broadcasters around Europe suffering?)
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