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Which ones have you been too?

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Just a perfect song for the summer... :)

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2nd life...
AHH... A close shave for this week's GIF Tuesday

#gif   #gifs     #landslide  
Animated Photo

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No wonder, I was having lot of dropped calls..
If you have bad cel phone reception for the next few days, here's why... From Associated Press: "This image provided by NASA, taken Sunday night, Jan. 22, 2012, shows a solar flare erupting on the Sun's northeastern hemisphere. Space weather officials say the strongest solar storm in more than six years is already bombarding Earth with radiation with more to come.... Physicist Doug Biesecker said the biggest concern from the speedy eruption is the radiation, which arrived on Earth an hour later. It will likely continue through Wednesday. It's mostly an issue for astronauts' health and satellite disruptions. It can cause communication problems for airplanes that go over the poles. " (AP Photo/NASA)

Note: I did not take this photo. I love writing that. hehe

Happy Diwali to everyone all over the world..!!

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Dream to Summit this someday :)
In late May, the sun sets around 11pm, with the color in the sky lasting well past midnight. By that time, temperatures drop well into negative (fahrenheit) territory. That the "view from the room" that someone mentioned when looking at the previous image. I took this image from inside the tent, through the unzipped door.

In retrospect, I cursed myself for not working hard enough for the photography, by not crawling outside, but at that time this wasn't too appealing of an option, as I was in survival mode, trying to save energy for a long summit and traverse day. What do you think ?

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Hmm...following the footsteps of Apple & Microsoft...
Welcome to the Google Store?

The world's first physical "Google store" opened in London today. Yes, seriously.

Called the Chrome Zone, the store is a 285-square-foot shop located inside a PC World (that's a British electronics retailer -- no relation to the publication). Google says it'll be opening more locations throughout the U.K. over the next few months.

The London Evening Standard theorizes that "if the low-key experiment is successful, Google could follow its great rival Apple in opening permanent stores around the world." That seems fairly speculative, but a Google U.K. marketing exec did say this:

It is our first foray into physical retail. This is a new channel for us and it's still very, very early days. It's something Google is going to play with and see where it leads.

Interesting, eh? Wonder where this will go -- and how long it'll be before we start seeing these pop up in the U.S. of A.

(More info here: and here:

Happy B'day Google !!

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If you are at work like me, you can catch US open live stream on -
(if it's not blocked ;))

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Have you tried Google's Image Search?
Drag a photo of yourself or a friend onto the search bar and see what comes back.
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