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Bringing innovative casters and wheels to businesses and consumers with
Bringing innovative casters and wheels to businesses and consumers with
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Who left out the Gel.....

Gel Wheels that is. We have these cool looking little wheels and casters that will make your project perfect. Take a look! Available in Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Clear, Orange and Pink. Buy the wheel only or in a Rigid Caster or Swivel Caster. The Swivel Caster also has an optional brake.  

Colorgel – Transparent Thermoplastic Polyurethane Hardness: 90 Shore A. ( - 4ºF to + 150ºF )
Polyurethane ( Soft Plastic ) tread and acrylic ( Hard Plastic ) wheel center with several combinations of colors. Great for furniture, rolling very easily, requiring low handling effort, resistant to developing flat spots under static loads. They present a good resistance to chemicals and moderate impacts. Produced with recycled materials.

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Polyolefin Caster Wheels

Industrial Plastic and GREAT for High Capacity and Strength

• Temperature rating: -45 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Made from high quality Polyolefin.
• Economical hard durometer wheel, excellent for applications demanding durability, capable of taking extreme shock loads.
• Light weight, high capacity.
• Offers floor protection, is non marking and non-conductive.
• Resistant to water, oils, grease, gasoline and most commonly used chemicals.
• Wheel Color: Black.

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We have 'em!!!

Our 52 Series casters are the workhorses for most non-industrial applications. They are rugged enough to be used daily and a very popular caster for both consumer and business applications. They are available with 3", 3.5", 4" & 5" diameter wheels. We offer this caster with a large selection of mounting plates and stems to fit almost any project or replacement situation. Two different brake styles are available: a pedal on the side of the wheel which is our TLB Option and the other with the pedal on the top of the wheel, our PWB Option. We also offer the side pedal brake ( TLB ) on the rigid plate casters which has become a very popular option.

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Industrial 2" Wide Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheels

• Temperature rating: -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
• High quality polyurethane chemically bonded to a painted cast iron core.
• Polyurethane is 5/16” to a 1/2” thick, depending on the size of the wheel.
• Offers floor protection, is non marking and delivers somewhat of a cushioned and quieter ride than
a standard hard tread wheel.
• Resistant to most chemicals, oils, acids, grease and water.
• Standard with Roller Bearings.
• Wheel Colors: Green on Silver.

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U Bracket Casters - Mount on the Edge!!!!

How do you mount a caster on the edge of plywood, MDF or other narrow material? With our U Bracket!

The problem with mounting a caster on the edge of wood is that 3/4" is not wide enough to install a caster socket without the possibility of that socket and stem breaking thru the side of the material. Something is needed to support the object without going directly into the edge of the wood. Our U Bracket caster does the job very well. The edge of the wood is supported in the bottom of the U and the bracket is secured with a 1/4" bolt that goes thru the material while the substantial "wings" of the bracket protect the edges from chipping. This bracket can be used on any material that is 3/4" wide. It can be installed on the edge of Oak, Pine or other building materials.


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Tan Casters - Soft Wheels or Hard Wheels

Soft Polyurethane Tires are GREAT for Hardwood Floors
Hard Nylon Wheels work well on Carpet


Available with ALL of these stems:

Grip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 7/8" Long
Grip Ring Stem - 7/16" x 1 7/16" Long
Grip Ring Stem - 10mm" x 7/8" Long
Grip Ring Stem - 3/8 x 1" Long
Grip Neck Stem - 5/16 x 1 1/2" Long
Threaded Stem - 1/4-20 x 3/4" Long
Threaded Stem - 5/16-18 x 1/2" Long
Threaded Stem - 3/8-16 x 3/4" Long
Threaded Stem - M6x1.0 x 12mm Long
Threaded Stem - M8x1.25 x 12mm Long
Threaded Stem - M8x1.25 x 25mm Long
Threaded Stem - M10x1.5 x 15mm Long
Flat Top Plate - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Square
U-Plate - 3/4" ID with 1/4" Thru Bolt

Read all about it and find out which one is for you.

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FOOT MASTER ® Leveling Casters - GDR Series

The GDR Series of FOOT MASTER ® Leveling Casters, are a solution to the age old problem of flexible movement combined with the ability of securely setting and braking a caster in a specific location.The leveling foot, once set in place, provides for stable, anti-vibrational placement. The GDR series of leveling casters can easily move up to 2,200 Lbs over four casters. Greater weight requirements may require the use of more casters.

FOOT MASTER ® Leveling Casters are being used on work stations, medical, computer, communication, printing, woodworking, automation and assembly equipment. They are typically found in all manufacturing environments, including clean room and laboratory facilities.

These are great for woodworking equipment or any large machinery that, for the most part, needs to be stationary but must be moved occasionally.

Ratchet activation is accessible from the rear of the caster.

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Need a Nice High Capacity Chair Caster? Look at this!


This caster should only be used on carpet because of the hard wheels. Great quality Twin Wheel Un-Hooded caster. Black nylon body with Hard Gray Spoked nylon wheels. This caster will work very well on most carpet. High Capacity caster with 1/2" wide wheels.

60mm Un-Hooded - Twin Wheel - 2 3/8" Diameter
130 lbs Dynamic Capacity per caster
Solid Nylon Construction - Solid Nylon Hard Wheels
Wheel Tread approx 1/2" wide
Optional Wheel Brake
Steel Axle
Color Black - Gray Spokes
Over All Height Stem - 2 3/4" - Over All Height Plate - 3"
Swivel Radius - 2" Non-Brake - Swivel Radius - 3 1/16" Brake

Check this one out!

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2 Tone Gray Twin Wheel Caster with Non-Marking Wheels

Twin wheel nylon body caster by Shepherd. Light Gray body with Dark Gray non-marking Thermoplastic Rubber tires on a nylon wheel. This is an excellent caster for both hardwood floors and tile where you want the look of a twin wheel caster. Comes in 3 sizes: 50mm, 60mm & 75mm and a variety of stems and plate mounts.

Want a twin wheel design and rubber wheels. This is the caster for you. Want it in BLACK? We have that too!

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This is a favorite! Hi capacity and looks GREAT!

1 1/4" Wide Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels

• Temperature rating: -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Precision molded high quality polyurethane chemically bonded to a smooth, polished aluminum core,
provides a very versatile, strong and attractive wheel.
• The combination of a slight crowned tread and high quality annular ball bearings provide exceptionally
low effort to start up and push a load. Great for ergonomic applications.
• Great wheel for foodservice and institutional applications, meets NSF & UL sanitation standards.
• Offers floor protection, is non marking and non-conductive.
• Resistant to most chemicals, oils, grease, cleaning agents, solvents and water.
• Wheel Color: Blue on Aluminum with Blue bearing caps.
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