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Five Tips For Small Business Startups

One should know the chances of a business thriving through its early stages as a business grows exponentially if you take your time to prepare. Startups can be a funny thing, the moment you start is the moment you realize that you are running a real business. Founders need to be calculative about matters such as fundraising, marketing of products and how to pitch a group of potential investors. Below is the advice for small business startups coming from various successful founders:
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Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint And Business Development

FOR N5,000 Learn Word, Excel, Powerpoint, And Business Development

Starting January 20th
Just 25 people needed.
Contact 08057477775

Location - Ademola Street, Ikoyi Lagos
Full details here -
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Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint And Business Development For N3,500

FOR N3,500 Learn Word, Excel, Powerpoint, And Business Development Online Via Whatsapp & Email:

Starting December 2nd to December 16th

"Learn From experts and use it like an expert.
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time" — Barack Obama

Microsoft Word
- Creating and opening documents, Difference between close and exit
- Creating a CV Template, Newsletter, Blog Post, Event flyers
- How to create a Table of Contents in Word
- Creating Headers and Footers
- Line and paragraph spacing
- Checking and spelling grammar
- List and Hyperlinks
- Page Layouts, Tables and charts, Using find and replace, Aligning, Ordering and grouping objects
- Learn tips and tricks about Word, as well as Word secrets and shortcuts

Microsoft Excel
- How to enter basic formulas and calculations in Excel
- Learn how to navigate, sort, subtotal, filter, enter and edit data, - Remove duplicates data
- Use the SUM function to add up a column or row of cells in Excel
- Rounding numbers in Excel
- Print an Excel 2010 spreadsheet with page numbers
- How to use the IF function in Excel to calculate values based on different criteria
- How to use Autofilter in Excel
- How to use printing and sharing in Excel,
- How to use passwords in sheets,
- How to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Word,
- Learn tips and tricks about Excel, as well as Excel secrets and shortcuts

Microsoft Power point
- Creating and Opening presentations
- Saving Presentations
- Slides
- Basics, Text Basics, Applying themes, Printing, Inserting microsoft word/excel in your slides, Passwording slides,
- Managinng slides

Business Development
- Learn the basics of developing any business or idea.

A Laptop and a Phone,
Microsoft office 2010
An Email

Account Number - 0252770886
Account Name - Mitigate Technologies
Bank - Gtbank

Once paid, Send your details to any of the following number - 0803568288, 08103398906 08114404381, 08057477775 . or send an email to
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Eat Outside The Box With @Marrgarritah

Food is something the layman can’t do without. Whether its properly prepared or properly packaged. We all must eat. An average Nigerian is an entrepreneur by default, and majority of the Nigerian ladies will rather go for the Hot cake business(Make Up Artiste, Fashion Design, Baking), very few have venture into the food industry and we were lucky to interview Tomisin (@marrgaritah) as she is popularly known on twitter. She shares her food on entrepreneurship and how to run a successful food business
Read the full interview here -
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4 Useful Tips To Manage Your Small Business Finances

A small business can fail for a variety of reasons, but money related issues are one of the main concerns. Even with a high-quality service or product, you will find it difficult to achieve success without a healthy cash flow to cover business expenses. Here are a few tips to help manage the finances:
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Why SME Should Hire Small Business Accountant

With the moving time, there are many business houses, corporate sectors have managed their own slice of work of accounting, and they have learnt to manage the accounts, which are easy to handle them. Bookkeeping is far easy to manage but when it comes to managing the small business then usually the companies hire for the small business accountant so that everything can go to the best rhythm and they can get a good financial structure of the company. Read full post here -
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How to Achieve Financial Freedom Through Online Entrepreneurship?

Can you really achieve financial freedom online? In case you are interested to learn if financial freedom on the internet is possible then you definitely have come to the correct spot. Here you will get some useful details about the various available options for those who wish to start online entrepreneurship and become successful by using it.
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Why The Rate of Unemployment is Increasing

In many developing countries business is the path to attain economic gain. For that reason, the unemployment rate in those countries is very insufficient comparing with our country. Every day the rate of unemployment is increasing following the shortage of job in our country. But still, there is no any effective initiative to diminish the rate of unemployment.
A recent research shows that the rate of unemployment is excessive among the educated people rather than uneducated which was claimed by the "Economist Intelligence Unit"(EIU). It also added that the rate of unemployment among the educated people is approximately 47%. But the actual reason for this strange situation is still unknown to many intelligent people who are contributing to finding the ways to lessen the excessive rate.
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Olabam Auto

I am an auto mechanic, if you need a mechanic to help maintain and repair your lastest car 2005 till date, do not hesitate to cantact me. thanks
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Seven Ways To Reward Your Customers

Loyalty programs are ways to incentivise your customers and make them feel privileged. To show that you value their custom and to make sure that they keep coming at your door repeatedly you must implement a program with a dash of creativity. Every attempt that you make to reward your customers ought to be personalized and relevant, notable and genuine. Only then you can assure that the manifestation of gratitude has hit success.
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