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Nebula Haze

Anything else related to growing marijuana  - 
Hey everyone! We have just opened up a (very beta) growing forum on the website! We know that Google can't possibly shut us down there! And we'll finally be able to post pictures in the comments haha

We're just getting started but if you want to be a part of the community from the beginning, we'd love to have you!

But don't worry this Google+ group isn't going anywhere any time soon! :) The new forum is more of an experiment to see if it ends up being better for everyone in the long run.

You have to request to join just like in this group, but we'll let you in as soon as we see you!
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Nebula Haze

Questions about growing  - 
About to start again and not sure which strain(s) to do next! ^_^ I know there's tons of great growers in the group so I was wondering... What's your favorite strain so far and why?
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+Nebula Haze​ thanks for the info. I found a light leak coming from my veg tent. Im hoping that is the problem. Strains are mostly indica. Should be done 9-10 weeks. I think ill drop the lights on from 12 to 11 any ways maybe it will helps. Thank you ☺☺
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Nebula Haze

Legalization & Regulation News  - 
Great news for Illinois!!! Illinois is now the 21st state in the nation to remove the threat of jail time for simple marijuana possession; possession of a personal amount is now considered a civil violation punishable by a fine of $100-$200, similar to a traffic ticket.

One step at a time, but this is a great step forward that will start helping some Illinois citizens as soon as it's implemented! Good stuff :)
Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law that removes criminal penalties for possession of a personal amount of marijuana and replaces them with a civil fine.
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Nebula Haze

Growing pictures  - 
Yesterday was harvest and trim day! Buds are drying now :)

Strain: White Rhino (by Nirvana)
250W HPS Grow Light
3'x3'x5' tent

Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Trio
Supplements: CaliMagic & Hydroguard

Germination: March 28, 2016
Initiated 12/12: May 20, 2016
Harvest: July 31, 206

Total Time: 4 months, 3 days

Training: Manifolding (

Can't wait to see what the yields are! Normally it's under 40% humidity here but it's humid right now (60% RH) so I suspect it's going to take a little longer than usual to dry >.< It's okay because a slow dry is better anyway. I'm keeping a really close eye to make sure everything dries okay without any mold!
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+Cave Man 5.75 ounces is great for a first grow, you should be really proud of yourself! I looked at your harvest pics and they look great!
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Nebula Haze

DWC Pictures  - 
Growing White Rhio with the GH trio + CaliMagic + Hydroguard. 250W HPS. Day 57 (week 8) of flowering.

One of the things that seems really interesting to me about this plant is how tiny its root system is. The roots are all healthy, but they haven't even made it across the tub to the second air stone, while normally a tub would be filled with roots by now.

I published a pic so you can hopefully see what I mean. I know I've heard people say the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits, but I have to disagree when it comes to cannabis. Some of my highest-yielding plants seem to have average-to-small roots, and I've definitely had at least a couple plants with monstrous roots that didn't produce well at all (Blue Widow I'm looking at you)..

What are your thoughts on root size?
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That's well impressive them Colas are huge n under a 250w..there is not 1 inch of wasted growth anywhere. I'm amazed at them Colas!!!
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Nebula Haze

Questions about DWC  - 
What nutrients are you using for your hydroponic setup?

I've been using General Hydroponics Flora trio for almost 6 years now, and have been thrilled with the results. But after all this time I figured it would be fun to try something different. Since I'm so familiar with the trio I think I'll really be able to tell if new nutrients make a difference, or if it ends up being mostly the same.

So I'm just curious, what are you all using for base nutrients? I'm thinking about using the Botanicare Kind trio, but I'm definitely not set on that and open to other ideas! I was thinking about using them because I really like them as a company (I use their Hydroguard product) and also I'm interested in trying their "Sweet" supplement to improve flavor.

+James Powell As someone with experience working for a hydro store, do you have any thoughts on Botanicare and their "Sweet" supplement? Maybe it's silly but I want to try their "grape' flavor :)
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advanced nutes all the way spectacular results
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Nebula Haze

Questions about growing  - 
Hey everyone! I had a question for all the experienced growers here! Which strains and techniques do you think produces the most trichomes ("glitter") on your buds?

Here are some common strategies to increase trichomes:

- ​​Grow Lights (Flowering plants are grown under strong light like LED/HPS, supplementing with UV-B/MH/CMH/Reptile light for last few weeks before harvest, etc)
- Not too hot (below 80°F for at least the last few weeks before harvest)
- Low Humidity (under 30% RH) last few weeks before harvest
- Trichome-Increasing Supplements like Rhizoflora Terpinator (
- Stress the plant in a "good" way (supercropping, depriving plant of light for 24 hours before harvest, water with ice water, etc).
- Choose a strain that naturally grows lots of trichomes (example some strains just don't produce a lot of glitter, even if the buds are still very potent, for example some Sativas and Hazes)

What techniques do you use to increase trichome production? What's your favorite strain?
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+Hurdy Gurdy​ what did you do to the Aurora to get frosty
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Nebula Haze

Growing pictures  - 
I did the final weigh-in for my White Rhino plant under a 250W HPS and the dry yield ended up being 6.4 ounces (with average RH of ~60-65%). Now everything has been jarred up and will be curing for the next few weeks. I have to admit I've sampled a few pieces already and they already smell great and smoke very smooth, so I'm exciting to see how they'll be when they're done curing :)
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Very nice, .71gr per watt.
Great looking buds.
I hope I get .71gr per watt I would be most pleased.
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Nebula Haze

Questions about growing  - 
Do any of you have experience with supplements that force plants to finish flowering earlier? I remember someone in the group mentioned a supplement like that a few months ago (was it +James Powell?) but I can't remember what the supplement was. I'm updating our article about harvesting and I wanted to add it to the page! :)
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Still good info Biff, I have found that each plant's needs are not always the same, and boosting the girls, some will foxtail and other strains may like it? I noticed this with side by side comparisons, Candy Cane bulked up and Norther lights foxtailied.
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Nebula Haze

Shared publicly  - 
If you don't decarboxylate (heat) your cannabis during the process of making edibles, the edibles don't work! You have to heat the weed for a time before making edibles to get the best results. But how hot and how long? There's lots of theories, and we already had a pretty good idea, but this grower actually did some testing!

He found that at least with trim and kief, decarbing at 240°F for 1 hour was enough to fully decarboxylate his samples. Good info to know! Check out the article to read more!

I saw this link from +Laughing Buddha in the Grow Weed Easy group and wanted to share with anyone who may not have seen it :)
Explanation of Decarboxylation and easy steps for converting THCA into psychoactive THC.
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+Mike follow the recipe at the growweedeasy site! It explains quite well!
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Nebula Haze

Discussion  - 
These past few days have truly been a sad time for most Americans, as we witnessed two more unjustified civilian killings by the police, raising obvious issues of racial bias; followed by the tragedy in Dallas in which five police officers were killed by a sniper, apparently in response to the aforementioned civilian killings.

A cycle of unjustified killings by police followed by unjustified killing of police. Regardless of your political persuasion, it is seriously disturbing that these incidents appear to be occurring more frequently, not less.

Anyone watching cable news could be excused for thinking the country is coming apart at the seams; 24-hour coverage of the carnage leaves the impression that none of us are safe, wherever we live or work. But we must not permit those who would resort to violence to define who we are.

Despite our problems, the reality is far less frightening. Yes, these latest incidents surely underscore the unresolved tensions between the police and many in the minority communities; and the unresolved racism that permeates much of society.

But in truth, most of us live good, productive and peaceful lives, largely free from violence; and we do our best to contribute to a society that treats all individuals, regardless of race, in a fair and equal manner. We still have a great distance to travel to achieve these lofty goals, but the great majority of Americans are committed to making that journey.

I acknowledge this column, unlike my usual columns, has little to do with legalizing marijuana. And that is purposeful.

Sometimes, when tragic events occur, we must set aside our personal crusades for a brief respite, while we join our fellow citizens in expressing our common grief and our common commitment to stop this madness. Our daily work routine, regardless of how important we may think it is, pales in comparison to these larger, overriding issues of peace and justice.

This is one of those times.

Yes, it is important that we end marijuana prohibition and stop the senseless arrest of marijuana smokers. And we will continue to move legalization forward.

But for today, let’s (symbolically) join hands with our fellow citizens in Dallas and Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights, MN, and all across this country, and acknowledge our role in the larger society, and our obligation to work for the just society we all want.

As Rodney King famously said, “Can’t we all just get along?”
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No form of government lasts forever, all degrade to the haves and the have nots, and what were formerly small incidents inflame to large ones, and from more groups of the have nots, and the less attention given to them, the louder and more violent they become, and hence the response does too. History is replete with examples throughout time.
This is world wide, and has gone on for millennia.
 Americans have been largely insulated--by design, IMHO--from the strife in Africa, South America, Middle East, Far east, among others.

There are only two outcomes:
The leadership and their cronies leave, and another government takes over,
The boot gets too large to resist.
I.E. Great Britain (just recently), or North Korea.(decades now)
The tools used make no difference, guns or pitchforks---even bare hands, (study why the martial arts were developed) The only difference is that one side always has bigger and more, and surprisingly, it often doesn't matter.
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Nebula Haze

Growing pictures  - 
Strain: White Rhino
Nutrients: Flora Trio + CaliMagic + Hydroguard
Day 50 of the flowering stage

Looks like I might be getting close to flushing time! I turned off the grow light for a minute so I could take some more natural colored pictures.

If you want to help make your trichomes pop on bud pics, take a picture of them with a flash in a semi-dark room :)
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Wow wite rhino I haven't seen in 10 years
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