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I've found my site had been completely copied. Even my terms and conditions, terms, trademark etc.

I already informed their hosting company and domain registrar.

How can I inform search engines about the issue? Is there any other way than this page ?

There was a "Scraper Report" announced by Matt Cutts but it seems it doesn't work anymore.

Let me know please what I should do.

A few days ago I saw a website that is stuffed with duplicate content. Each post is the same, except for post titles and title tags. The website ranks very well so I asked the owner how is that possible. Here is what he said:

"As far as duplicate content etc. is concerned... yes a website that is NOT localised does need to be concerned with penalties for duplicate content. But LOCALISED content (in other words content that has a GEO modifier on it) does not have to worry. Otherwise sites like Yelp and Yellow pages etc would all be penalised. "

What's your comment on this? What is the best way to "localize content" of a WP site?

Let's say you had an old site with 10,000 posts and you want to upload the content on a new domain.

Is it smart to upload all the posts at once or it's better to split it in several batches and to upload periodically?

Is there something like "too much posts per day" or webmasters shouldn't worry about such things?

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Stunning Sculpture Of Mother Nature Rotating Earth Inspired By Thailand Disaster - by  Lorenzo Quinn

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I've just checked Google cache of one of my sites. It looks terrible. No images, no CSS, no fancy WP theme... Just naked text and hyperlinks. 

What could be the reason? WP theme, a caching plugin...?

How long do you usually wait before you start to build backlinks for a new site?  Actually, do you wait or you start ASAP?

I've just noticed that categories of my website are shown in Google SERPs instead of permalinks. 

Example: Instead of Google shows only > category

Did I missed something? Is this "new normal" look of snippets or I should fix something? 

Btw it's a WP website with a few plugins.

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Environmentally Friendly Dog Cleans Up River Waste #Dogs #Planet #vegan #ecology

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Hi guys! One of my websites lost some of its rankings and traffic after 4th June.

According to 4th June was pretty turbulent. 

Do anybody know what happened that day? 
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