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BBQLog - CyanogenMod (9) Changelog

Just made a quick CM changelog with +Guillaume Lesniak :D

This changelog is better than the older ones because this uses the github api to get changes rather than gerrit. Gerrit does not include upstream merges in the log so you could miss very important features (such as themes engine, 4.0.4, kernel changes, that have all been upstream merges).

The source is available at

BTW, there is an easter egg ;)

The changelog is not affiliated with CM in any way, it is just a personal project
BBQLog is a changelog for CyanogenMod
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I like how this post came up listed as "Hot on Google+" for me. I guess that solidifies that the majority of us G+'ers are #Android users.
Rob M.
Way to go guys, it's about 1x10^9 % better than the old changelog site.
There is a problem when more than one build is done at the same day.
Look at the changelog for Galaxy S II (20120522).

Another thing I hate is that the build server and the download server use different time conventions and they don't even tell which time they mean. (UTC should be preferred.)

[Edit] The download server uses UTC. [/Edit]
Very nice ! Could you also provide some "endless scroll" page ? (Maybe as the main/overview page ?)

So that i dont need to click on the dates only need to scroll down ?

Thanks for the good work :)
Nice! Should filter out repos not related to the current device though. When looking at Vibrant I should see the common ones (apps, framework, etc), and also kernel_samsung_aries, but not kernel_samsung_smdk4210
I love that face. didn't even read the log yet because I'm at school, but love cid's face.
Hehe, here we go... doesn't work in IE9! :P
Trying to set it up for another project on our server, setup a cronjob for the updater, but can't seem to figure out the data for in the database ;)
Did try adding some info, when running the githubupdater it looks in the right repo, but it doesn't populate the commits.

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