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R.I.P. LinkedIn Events

Really sad to get the following email from +LinkedIn today...

At LinkedIn, we aim to provide a simple, efficient, and delightful experience for members like you. From time to time, we take a look at our products and evaluate how members are using them — and sometimes we decide to retire a feature, so we can better invest those resources in building more great LinkedIn products.
Because you've used the LinkedIn Events application, we wanted to let you know that we will be closing the application on November 26, 2012. Still looking for a way to spread the word about upcoming events? Try sharing links on your homepage, or in relevant groups.
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I think it's a good move. KISS :D
LinkedIn really need to clean up and improve - they've started the process.
It's only natural that they get rid of dead meat.
Google did the same thing a while back. :)
I have always been a BIG FAN of LinkedIn Events because it gave people the chance to actually engage on LinkedIn in a meaningful way. I do hope that LinkedIn has some tricks up their sleeve as to what they plan to do here ... they could go the way of integrating with another application (Google Events? Plancast?) or rolling it to be a function of Groups. Only time will tell...
That is crazy talk! While I have not been using LinkedIn events as well as I should, I still think its a valuable tool! I just don't get them sometimes..... Most of the time.....

I hope they do go with a third party app, but that is not traditionally the way they move- unless they plan on buying it (like slideshare, Cardmunch and connected). On a similar topic- is anyone else having issues seeing their apps or is it just me?
On a positive note, one of my students has the newest user interface and its kinda sexy. KISS indeed. Although I did not see the search connections tool and they very cool pie graph of your network is only available for the paid rendition :((
You know, +Viveka von Rosen , I just get the feeling that LI is trying to make their UI more sexy ... but the core functionality ... and PROBLEMS .. stay the same! #bummer
FeedBurner vs. FeedBlitz. Free vs. fee. Perhaps we are seeing the evolution to a market economy for social media services.
Right, +Neal Schaffer, the "free lunch" is ending IMO.  But I think most are way too overconfident in the value they think they're creating for marketers.  Jury is still out in most cases.
I think there's value ... but as you say the jury is out, mainly because most marketers weren't equipped to, or simply weren't, measuring this "value" in the first place!
Wasn't it through LinkedIn Events that you found (and advertised to) people in the Greater Toronto Area that you were visiting Toronto a few years ago?
Indeed it was - and it's a shame... Plancast anyone?
Not really surprised to see this happen as LI events is extremely underutilized in its current form. Will be interested to see what's replacing it (either internally or with an outside vendor)
It seems like LinkedIn has moved to the "sexier" (and more social media conventional) things like constant updates and endorsements, +Kenneth Lang. Not prosaic things like meetups software. (Has the travel one also disappeared? I don't see people using that one anymore, either.)
That app had so much potential ... and, yes, I do expect them to add this functionality to Groups, but that's only a conjecture.
Indeed, +Judy Gombita , I believe LinkedIn is trying to up their "social media marketing" game, for better or worse...
Because so many people dumped on it (for so long) as being "Boring" +Neal Schaffer.

Damn those people. :-) 
+Neal Schaffer it is really finderesting to read how longexperienced people think and feel about changes going on and to see, that we all are very human and even though looking for changes fearing them at the same time ;-)
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