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The Podcasts pro-feature (Android)  doesn't appear to have a method for marking podcasts as listened, without actually listening to them...

I was considering trying this instead of Pocket Casts, but didn't like the fact that it was showing hundreds of episodes as unlistened, when I had listened to them elsewhere.

There should be a method available for marking individual podcasts as listened, or all episodes for a subscription.

Is there a way to stop DT (Android) from automatically starting a track if I skip a track when paused?

If I'm playing a random shuffle of all my music, I want be able to skip until I find I track I want to play, without it playing the start of all the inappropriate tracks in-between :)

I've noticed a bug in the Android version of Doubletwist (with Lollipop OS)

Controls are hidden on the lockscreen notifications-list if I set notifications to  'When device is locked: Hide sensitive notification content'

It shows: 'doubleTwist - Contents hidden' - not much use :)

Would it be possible to mark the controls-notification as non-sensitive?  I see that Pocket Casts has this feature, so I assume it must be possible.

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I don't think that's as big of a spoiler as T2's marketing was, back in the day:
I wasn't interested in another Terminator movie, the first 2 are near perfect. 

I watched the trailer, and now I want to see this.... but simultaneously I'm sad that I had to see the biggest spoiler to convince me to come back for another spot of time travel and machine killing.
Can't wait.

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Since my last post (in March…) I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and hacking my 3D printer to get it as accurate and reliable as possible; it’s still not quite as good as I’d prefer, but I’m getting Good Enough results now… I’ve accumulated a good…

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I've tried this fold on some paper, it works as advertised - this could be very useful the next time I need to fold a map!

(via +Thomas Figg)
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