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Hey Metro Nation! Explore Montreal with the help of the Official MTL375 app!

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Joking about harming someone is never funny. Please don't do it.

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As part of Montreal's 375th anniversary, the transit authority is providing all-day free Metro and bus service throughout the city. Enjoy!

PSA: No Cellular Connectivity At Vendome Station
Due to problems with equipment, we currently do not have cellular coverage in the Vendome station and the tunnels connecting to it.

We have received another response from an STM representative that the repairs at Vendome metro station are taking longer than usual, and full cellular connectivity was not restored by this week as initially planned. According to the STM, cellular service should be restored at Vendome and the tunnels connecting it by this Friday.

Updated statement from the STM:
"A Temporary breakdown on an electrical distribution substation at Vendome is affecting the mobile network. For now we plan to be able to do the repair and fix this situation by Friday."

Original report:
No cellular telecommunications and internet services at the Vendome station this week. Connectivity expected to resume next week (week of May 14, 2017). Equipment problem.

Official statement from STM:

"Our partner told us that there was an equipment breakdown. Components to be replaced have been ordered, and the network should be operational again by next week."

We plan to have more information as they become available.

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PSA: Montreal Mayer declares state of emergency!

PA: Sources have told +Technet9090 that Azur train set 18 is nearing serviceability, with final configuration of PA equipment needing to be completed. We don't have exact launch date, but you should be able to ride train 18 any day now, Inshallah (God Willing).

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Nazmus Shakib Khandaker (NazmusLabs) commented on a post on Blogger.
The fact that Chrome does not use native notifications in Windows 10 is the ONE reason I disabled web notifications. I CANNOT accept chrome to not respect my quiet hour settings in Windows 10. Fix it. Be respectful of your users and integrate to the native OS. Only integrating to macOS and ignoring Windows is very disrespectful to your users. Sure, if you said, "we will be working to bring native notifications to Windows in the future", I'd be fine with it. By not at least acknowledging that, you guys are acting like you are not even trying.

I hope native notification comes to Windows 10. Chrome isn't developed by amateurs. I expect more from a company with the budget and development team size of that of Google's.
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The all new Vendome Station?
Will it be a big enough upgrade to consider it a 21st century station? Let us know what you think!

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Coiteux believes REM project is " one of the most important in decades"

I agree with him!

#rem #cdpq #infra
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