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Nazmul Idris (Naz)
Ex-Googler, entrepreneur, leader, coder, designer, dancer, TaiChi'er, Yogi, racer, healer, storyteller. I'm about authenticity + empowerment
Ex-Googler, entrepreneur, leader, coder, designer, dancer, TaiChi'er, Yogi, racer, healer, storyteller. I'm about authenticity + empowerment

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Making Material just got easier. The new #MaterialComponents site features a library of components and expanded documentation that let you build easily for Android, iOS, and the web using open-source code:

The components are regularly updated by a team of engineers and designers to follow the latest #MaterialDesign guidelines, ensuring well-crafted implementations that meet development standards such as internationalization and accessibility support. Material Components make it easy to develop rich user experiences using Material Design, and you can pick and choose which components to add to your app or website—Material Design buttons, menus, cards, ripples, and dialogs to name just a few.

For the latest news or to contribute to the project, visit Material Components on GitHub:
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RSVP on Meetup:

Designers - If you're interested in learning how to code, and are interested in the intersection of design and engineering then this is the meetup for you. We will talk about the shared responsibility that designers and developers have to ship compelling products for users. And how the communication between designers and developers can be enhanced by designers becoming familiar with coding.

1) As a designer, why should you care about coding? How does knowing about code change the way you collaborate with developers?
2) As a designer, what can you learn from developers that can help you design more effectively?
3) As a designer, how do you get started on the journey to learning how to code?

Check out this show on YouTube called Designer vs Developer -

1) Guided networking session (15 mins)
2) Presentation + Q&A (45 mins)
3) Community shares and asks session (15 mins)

Food - No food is going to be provided at the event. Please eat before you come to the meetup, being hangry is no fun ☺️. If folks want we can get together and get food nearby after the event.

About your host Naz -
To teach good UX design principles and applied techniques, I've created:
- UX Design for Developers YouTube show for Google Android with over 200k views (
- Udacity class on UX Design for Mobile ( reaching over 200,000 people online
- G+ UX design community (8,000 developers & designers)

To create community and connection in real life for developers, designers, and PMs I've created:
- UX Design experiential workshops for developers at Google IO13 and IO14 ( hosting over 2k attendees.
- Design for Humans meetup group (1.9k members) for UX design (hosted over 34 meetups, and over 4000 developer & designer attendees).

To share real-world coding knowledge with bleeding edge technology, I've created:
- tutorials on Android, React, Redux, and React Native, that has been around since '98 and has over 10M page views.

To innovate in products that are designed and build for humans, I've created:
- trnql startup that I raised 1.5M for and created cutting edge mobile infrastructure technology to collect valuable signals from Android and iOS devices that fed ML to better understand human behavior.
- R3BL startup that is a incubator for apps and services that are meant to address human needs.

RSVP on Meetup:

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Should designers & developers learn more about each others skills? @Mustafa_x & @aerotwist discuss here:

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Today, we’re introducing the developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK. You can now start building your own hardware prototypes that include the Google Assistant, like a self-built robot or a voice-enabled smart mirror.

To get started, read our blog post at and visit the Google Assistant SDK website to download the SDK, and start building.

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Hi everyone. I just did a review of the react-sketchapp library from Airbnb. It's such an interesting approach to using Sketch as a canvas to render React components on to! It holds a lot of promise for large design teams, and shows how designers and developers can work together to make better design processes, which result in less waste in creating better products.
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