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"My life in typefaces"
Excellent TED talk by Matthew Carter for you fontists out there.

Summary of great points made:
- Industrial design vs fine arts.
- Constraints vs compromise.
- Making choices that are least bad given the constraints is good pragmatic design.
- Adapting design to different mediums and having it serve a function, not just be driven by aesthetic. 
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Keepin' it real
There's a lot of discussion and energy spent nowadays on ensuring that people have amazing experiences across a variety of devices (w/ various form factors & platforms), aka a multitude of "screens". While this is great, it's important to note that this is on the high-end or inspiration-end of the spectrum (of experiences that users have w/ mobile technology today). 

On the low end (or keepin-it-real end), you have to ensure that even if you have a simple app that runs on a smartphone in a market where the user doesn't have much money to spend on a smartphone or a data plan, that you are taking this user's needs into account.

2 of their most important needs being:
1) preserve my battery life,
2) don't wreck my data plan, aka, give me offline mode

It's amazing how these 2 basic things keep getting lost in prioritization across so many mobile technologies, and this comes back to ruin the experience for so many users worldwide, on a daily, and probably hourly basis! 

We should reach for the stars, sure. But WE MUST BE GROUNDED as well! Go far in either direction, and as the Buddha once said, your user is going to have a bad time :). 

In Season 2 of my UXD show on the Google Android Developers Channel (, I have a 3 part series called "It's all about location" that will delve into this subject in much greater detail! Stay tuned! :) 

For more info: 
- What is UX?

#interactiondesign   #perceivedperformance   #perfmatters #efficiency  
- 3 Steps to Awesome:
1) Avoid Machine Narcissism
2) Play Well With Others
3) Avoid Cowboy Design

#uxd   #perceivedperformance #efficiency #perfmatters  
- Speed, perf, perception-
- The beauty of speed-

/ht: +Patrick Larvie 
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Thanks +Nazmul Idrisfor passing on this Buddha wisdom around aspirational design vs reality:

Go far in either direction and as the Buddha once said, your user is going to have a bad time :). 
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Cars, business practices, social media, & doing the right thing
This is such a remarkable story of a remarkable individual using social media to make a large multinational corporation do the right thing ... even though their reaction is delayed by a few quarters. In the past Porsche could have just hidden behind the fact that customers just couldn't extend the reach of their voice very far, and have any impact whatsoever on their public perception or brand equity.

How things have changed from the silent replacements of 996 motors (over a decade ago) unbeknownst to customers who would just get a new motor after some servicing event at a dealership. Today, news of the recent launched 991 GT3 catching fire, is near instantly known around the world. And it forced Porsche to repair all sold cars worldwide, almost immediately. And halt production until the design flaw with the rear diffuser was fixed. This is how it should be.

What these luxury brands need to understand is that when you sell products to important / empowered / connected people, you have to be very careful not to fuck them over, because they have a way to amplify their voice using technology. Something that wasn't possible before :-). It's a forcing function to get these global brands to do the right thing. And not penny pinch in all the wrong places. To have a sustainable business and build trust, because NOT everything SHOULD be a profit center!!! That is the wrong kind of optimization and will result in a local maxima ( which will ultimately be damaging to the overall business (and impact business units that might be doing the right thing).

I'm so excited to see effective use of social media force large brands to actually engage with their customers, and have meaningful interactions with them. And actually provide some visibility into the impact and efficacy of their marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as post-sale customer service.

In this brave new world we live in, brands will have to be more conscientious, or else there will be serious consequences. Trust is earned. And brands have to continue to earn it if they want long term customers and not try to close on the first transactions (which is how so many sales and marketing people operate today).

/ht +Nick Murray, +Gary Vaynerchuk

#empower #social #customerretention #trust #sustainablebusinesspractice
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Nazmul Idris

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"Hardware is Very Hard". Why Wearables Aren't Working (Yet?)
One big problem: Devices like Nike's FuelBand are now competing with phones. Another problem: Consumers may not want them.
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I think that wearable devices are not limited to activity trackers, and new  platforms, like Android Wear can change this scenario.
I think that soon we can see wearable devices running a new kind of apps, like smart assistants that can help us to perform several kind of tasks, and this kind of devices and software can be the next big thing
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Nazmul Idris

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Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly: Be passionate. Be …:

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"To native or not to native?" That's the wrong question!
Mobile first
Regardless of the technology that's chosen to implement a website or app, it must work on mobile for users. Mobile first is a huge requirement for users, since mobile web traffic already exceeds desktop web traffic. And there are so very few mobile optimized websites in existence right now. 

Native mobile, vs Web mobile
Having decided to go mobile first, how do you implement? Most of these discussions tend to degrade into some kind of religious debate about the "openness of the web", "the simplicity / elegance of iOS", or "the power of Android". All those discussions aside, the correct answer for you depends on:
1) do you have development resources to do an excellent job on native mobile?
2) what are the core parts of your experience that need to be done using native mobile?
3) or can you deliver a compelling experience that suits your (business & customer) needs (MVP) across any mobile/tablet platform & web, using HTML5? 

Here's an awesome article by the awesome +Michael Mahemoff about this:

More info: 
- 3 Steps to Awesome:
1) Avoid Machine Narcissism
2) Play Well With Others
3) Avoid Cowboy Design
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That's it! I thought about that last week... And you give great peace of information to prove my point!!!!!!
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Nazmul Idris

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badge of  #awesomeness  :)
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This is a great video highlighting the importance of managing a user's perceived performance (rather than actual quantitative performance or speed of the actual software & hardware) to delivering a great user experience. 

+Ilya Grigorik  did an amazing talk on perceived performance that really nails this point. From a user's perspective, performance is really perceived performance rather than actual performance. And it's possible to match their expectations so that something feels faster. More info on his talk:

#uxd   #perceivedperformance

/ht: +Loc Nguyen  , +Ilya Grigorik 
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Excellent point. Even though small modifications in UX design may seem insignificant, they can influence your application tremendously.
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