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Material Design for Android Developers taught by +Roman Nurik and +Nick Butcher !!! This is huge!

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New Code Samples for Lollipop

With the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, we’ve added more than 20 new code samples demonstrating how to implement some of the great new features of this release. For more details, and how to access them, read the blog post below.

#AndroidDev   #AndroidLollipop  

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Intro to Databases in 1 hour

This is CS Education Week, which kicks off Hour of Code. I was personally excited to see one of the one-hour modules from Khan Academy is to teach databases to people ages 12+! Tackling a more advanced CS topic and breaking it down into relatable examples is making the concepts more accessible to a wider audience. Woohoo, go Khan Academy!

Furthermore, in our Udacity Android course, we had a pre-requisite that required people to already have some familiarity with databases, because we would use a SQLite database to store weather data. So now this would be a great beginner-friendly resource to people who are new to SQL!

Check it out here and let me know what you think:

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Meet inbox, a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.

Video: Meet your new Inbox

All the invites are coming from my wonderful friends *+Ronna Harlow*  & *+Abe H* , Circle them.

Here are some of my favorite features about Inbox:
1. I love the desktop app! This is polished. 
2. I love the red "create" button, - specially because it populates my recent contacts, so I can just easily send a followup. 
3. When clicking on an event it opens inside it's parent intent (love it!)
4. The animation ! Material design!

Want to get an invite? We have 5+ left. All gone.

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Nazim Amin commented on a post on Blogger.
A great writing about Unhackathon, his experience and project.
Unhackathon - a new kind of hackathon organized by Stony Brook University's Computing Society students.   

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Today our cake has 16 candles (+1 to grow on). #OkGoogle  
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