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Nazim Ali

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..::| Fuck ISIS |::..

Piece of shit dirt-bags. #NotInMyName

Sorry for the swearing.
Share it round.
Muslims around the world are joining an anti-ISIS social media campaign sharing pictures and messages with the hashtag #NotInMyName.
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We're all brothers. I pray for peace. 

Nazim Ali

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..::| Business & Ethics |::..

I'm so dang frustrated with so many freaking lies people tell to your face! After you tell one lie, you'll end up with a second to cover up the first, than a third to cover up the second. And on they go until it hurts everyone. Just tell the freaking truth; you messed up? Tell the truth! You ate all the nuttella? Okay, you better lie to me on that one haha..... Sad attempt at a joke, just frustrated with people. How are y'all? Please tell me some good news :)
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w00 w00! That's awesome! I've never done one, but I imagine it's as difficult as soccer camp :p

Nazim Ali

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..::| Dear Hackers |::..

Don't release financial info, credit cards, or social security numbers, but it would be a nice "karma is a bitch," example if you release names, location, or pictures so their spouses can identify them :)

You won’t find Ashley Madison on any collections of Lifehacker recommendations. However, the site aimed at helping people in existing relationships have an affair has been hacked, with 37 million users’ data stolen. Worse yet, that data’s currently being held for ransom.
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Karma or poetic justice? Haha....I'm sure not all members are married.

Nazim Ali

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..::| Ramadan Mubarak :) |::..

Salam, my goal is to read the Qur'an and revive myself spiritually. Past few Ramadan's I was seriously lacking -_-
Greetings to all of my muslim friends
May Allah shower his mercy on this Ramadan upon you and your family ! 
#Masjid-Noor-Sharjah (UAE)
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Ramadan Kareem :-)

Nazim Ali

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..::| My Favorite Part Of Winter |::..

Had to post this :-)
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Hello Nazim

Nazim Ali

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..::| Delete & Smile |::..

People keep asking me to open an account, but not worth it. Don't have the time to deal with garbage content. Yes, I stalk Google+ because the overall content is top notch.

"The main cause, the researchers suggest, is the braggy nature of social media, where everybody only shares the best of their life. The upshot: we end up feeling jealous and extremely aware of our own shortcomings."
It’s official: you’re happier without Facebook
Kick the social networking habit to lead a happier life, says Danish research
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couldn't agree more !

Nazim Ali

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..::| College Degrees |::..

Nowadays college is for profit, the system is designed to keep you as a financial slave, and unless this model changes, it's a waste of time and money. Few exceptions like chemistry, engineering, and nursing would make it somewhat worth it. I hope parents rethink the educational system. Don't send your kids through this. 
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Yup, the frustrations we have with Congress is similar to universities; keeps getting bloated, charge more, more debt...etc 

Nazim Ali

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..::| Bernie Sanders US Presidential Candidate |::..

I like his position on the important aspects of change needed for America to get back on its feet. What do y'all think?

I don't care about Democrats, Republicans, left, right labels as this government always stays the same regardless of who we vote for. The government should be serving the people, not corporations.

The entire purpose of separation of church and state is to have a government for the people, but now there needs to be a separation of corporations and state.

Corporations are legally regarded as a person, legally bribe politicians, legally operate in this country without paying taxes. The IMF is a legal loan shark, Wall Street legally gets away with illegal activities and are reckless. Democrats and Republicans are the same now that they are owned by corporations.

The government is no longer following the Constitution, illegal wiretaps, unaccounted spying, and do whatever they want in the name of security. Checks and balances no longer work, politicians aren't accountable for their actions, lying, and unabated treason against the people.

There needs to be a reversal of "stay the course." I don't understand why America hasn't awaken to this blatant treason and robbing of the people. 
Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class, or do we fight for a progressive agenda that creates jobs and protects the environment?

Nazim Ali

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..::| Thank You :) |::..

Thank y'all for the wishes. Sorry I've been MIA, but I do read my feed when I get a chance. Also, resigned from my job a month ago, opening my own company, and I work more now than I've done before haha
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Thank y'all!!! I'm looking for more investors right now :D

Nazim Ali

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..::| Trip To Michigan |::..

Went to Michigan, it was freezing, but got to see family. Took some pictures at the museum at University of Michigan. 
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+Nazim Ali no definitely not healthy but I know how you feel. 

Nazim Ali

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..::| Life |::..

Life is crazy :)
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Life is so crazy for me to
I love exercising, Arch Linux, Android, cars, reading, use Hangouts, and be a misfit, but the proper kind :)
Hey, you're probably wondering, what is the difference between FB and Google+?

..::| Facebook |::..
So basically if you want a place to share and view content with a network of rather intimate friends who you already know then FB is for you. 

..::| Google+ |::..
If you’re looking for a place to find people that share your interests whether you know them or not then G+ is for you. 

..::| Hello |::..
Most of my posts are now public, there are very few private posts. I'd rather keep my private life out of the internet. I'm Muslim and friendly (crazy right? :D).

..::| P90X |::..
If you enjoy exercising and posting about health, you can add me to that circle. I'm currently following the P90X program and I'm loving every minute of it. I've made a lot of progress and if you want details just let me know!

..::| Interests |::..
I love technology, Linux, Android OS, jogging, electronics, cars, motorcycles. The more time I've spent on here the more I have learned about things I normally would never take the time to focus on.

..::| New Interests |::..
I've learned to love photography, GIF's, political discussions as long as people are respectful, cultures from around the world, and still learning new trends!
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Nothing to brag about, I'm thankful to God for everything :)
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