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Nazario Saravia D.
Interested in Inbound Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Traffic Generation & How to Get Out of The Matrix...
Interested in Inbound Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Traffic Generation & How to Get Out of The Matrix...


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Google Mobile Update/ Mobilegeddon: Winners and Losers US
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3 Important Social Media Lessons
Here are 3 very important social media lessons that you can learn from:
1: Not only about likes or followers
2: The Importance of Visual Content
3: Don’t ignore Paid Social
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Website Migration? 32 Problems & Solutions To Keep You Out Of Trouble
Planning a site migration? GET IT RIGHT with these tips
by +Rick Eliason / +Reload Digital 
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Creating your own web analytics measurement plan
Step by Step guide thanks to +Ryan Stewart

#analytics #webmeasurement  
I've been working in web analytics a LONG time and the #1 reason companies fail isn't improper analysis, it's improper SET UP and PLANNING.

A good web analytics campaign takes the goals of your business and aligns it with your web marketing efforts. If you don't have this process mapped out and documented, you're never going to be successful.

The POINT of analytics is to make key decisions based off of the data (aka the FACTS). Without going through the process of defining what's important, you will be inundated with data and you won't be able to make the right decisions (TRUST ME, I've seen this hundreds of times with some of the world's 'most advanced' companies).

In order to keep your analytics on track, you need a web measurement plan. This article goes into great detail exactly how to create one for your business.

Feedback is appreciated!
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Personal Brand / Reputation
So you want to be famous? Why? Personal Brand is one of the single most powerful assets we have as a human being. Our brand, our experience, our reputation can glean emails of head hunting, can open closed corporate doors and add a tonne of weight to a start up. Personal brand is not to be taken lightly, it is as quick to open a door as close it again. Celebrities classically face “it is not what you say your brand is, but what the market does” Celebrities constantly face a perception of character in stark relation to often their actual being.

People try to split out fame and personal brand although they are the same, although they are separate from reputation. Being known as the go to guy in the UK for internet marketing help, +Ammon Johns  is experiencing “Market Fame” He is famous in his sector for being a dude that knows his shite. Even if you are not in the same country and just being in the same market can bring you aware of Ammon  this fame is tangible worth. Although John’s “Fame” is not Ammon’s ‘reputation’ his reputation is what instigated the fame, his like for measurable results and known for meeting outcome objectives built Ammon a solid professional reputation within the market helped along by a few key carrier moments.

If Ammon was to start a marketing firm that was Aamon centric he has the ability to leverage his personal ‘reputation’, this instigator of trust supersedes the staff he has under his wing.  Clients are attracted by the reputation; market reach is obtained through his brand and fame. He is entrancingly linked to the entity, if his clients are not happy they are not happy with Ammon  It would not be difficult to throw a few scenarios whereby his personal brand could take an easy hit.

Personal brand is so powerful we need to protect, nurture and use it only when all the boxes are squarely in our favour. The goal of a brand centric company is to broaden the liability spread to use a financial term.

Personal brand lends itself to social business models, holding a conversation with a prospective client not only shows the human face of business it forms fast and strong ties. Personal brand ties into personality, it is the reason good sales people are or should be prised beasts. Good sales people use instant trust; how you gain instant trust, is up to the individuals experience and tactics used.

Using personal brand very much suits small to the lower end of medium enterprise. A mainstay of family linage business no brand strategy consultant would be worth their weight, if they did not have a rounded understanding of branding methodology.

#personalbranding  Now can we get back to building companies that are scalable and use personal brand to the bare minimum possible. 

Nature provides a rich and pleasing colour palate, covering so many spectrums of the colour wheel. Tying in name, feeling, attitude, nature and demographic targeted would have to be seen as a holy grail of branding. Virgin perform it so damn well, a great visual case study and even know when to screw with sacrosanct brand identity.

For a few readers: There are so many words between the lines, that readers should be scurrying for the dark places where maybe, just maybe even a nozzle on the end of the can won’t reach.   #coldburnttoast  
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8 Visual Strategies To Super Charge Your YouTube Channel
1. Intro Bumper
2. Description Link Front & Center
3. Time Stamping
4. Annotations
5. End Cards
6. Bloopers & Cutting Room Floor Footage
7. Custom Thumbnails
8. Non-Sensical Keyword

#youtubechanneloptimization   #youtubeoptimization  
8 Visual Strategies To Super Charge Your YouTube Channel

If you want to learn ways to line your information highway with video delight and supercharge your YouTube channel , than I've got the fuel to power pack your efforts. 

Don't allow your audience to run on fumes while they desperately look for the closest information station to gas up at.

Give them a trusted video rest stop they can always count on that’s only a click away.

Today's article breaks down 8 visual strategies, with examples, that when implemented will super charge your YouTube channel into a resource your viewers will thank you for.

Read about them here:

#YouTube #Video #Vlog #videomarketing
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3 Tools to Ensure Your Analytics Implementation Is Running Smoothly
These three tools from Google Analytics should help ensure that your campaigns are running as smoothly as possible. Have you started using these yet?

» 1. Google Analytics In-Product Diagnostics - Quickly Understand Issues With Your Account
» 2. Google Tag Assistant - See Tags of Any Site With Ease
» 3. Google Analytics Debugger - Troubleshoot Your Analytics Instance

#analyticsdebugger #googletagassistant #analyticsimplementation
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4 Reasons Marketing Agencies Need Call Tracking
Agencies using call tracking consistently outperform the market because they have access to the full lead picture. Being able to see which of your agency’s efforts drive phone calls not only proves to your clients that you are generating leads, but also shows how much revenue you’re adding to their bottom line.

1. Enhanced Lead Attribution
2. Reduce Wasteful Spending
3. Access Real-Time Campaign Data
4. Integrate With Analytics and CRM Platforms
on +Search Engine Journal  by +Zoe-Lee Skelton 
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Relationships Can Directly Lead to Links
Along with testimonials, there are numerous other ways relationships can be leveraged for links, including:
» Partnerships
» Sponsorships
» Associations
» Speaking engagements
» Community events/involvement
» Interviews
» Etc.
Complete publication:  » by +Andrew Dennis on +SEMrush 
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