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Nazanin Andalibi

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coolest interactive graph ever
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جالب بود، ممنونم
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So Google seems to be more generous as we approach the end of the day! I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 121
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Nazanin Andalibi

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Do you trust the guy in this photo? Does he look suspicious?
White men can essentially wear what they want . However, some make the argument that if a young black man dresses a certain way then he looks suspicious. Should you be forced to dress a certain way? It's not unlike when a woman wears "provocative clothes", some would say she deserves whatever negative treatment she gets, e.g. cat calls. There's a difference between dressing for the occasion and being able to wear what you want. It's not unreasonable to expect certain attire at work. However, if someone wants to wear a hoodie and baggy pants or "provocative clothes" when they aren't at work or school, it should be up to them.

When I was about 18 or 19, I tried growing a Van Dyke beard. It was kind of spotty but I didn't care. I was at  a Safeway grocery store late one evening, about 10 PM. I heard on the PA system, "security to aisle 10". My sister happened to be one aisle away and she crept around the corner to the aisle I was in. I asked why she was creeping around and she said she wanted to see what was suspicious in aisle 10. I turned around and realized I was in aisle 10 and was the only one in aisle 10 before my sister came around the corner. Am I trying to say that I was involved with racial profiling? Not really. The point I'm trying to make is that if I could get the attention of Safeway security, I can only imagine what it's like everyday to be a young African American.

I got caught with beer in the trunk of the car, when I was a teenager. They couldn't prove that it was mine or my friends' but we were underage. I can't remember but I think we had to do community service and were on probation or something like that. All of our parents had to deal with the paperwork so they were clearly involved. I wonder what would have happened if our parents weren't available? Would we have been treated differently if we were inner city kids or African American kids?

This brings me to the next issue. The "war on drugs" and it's effect on raising children in the African American community has a vicious cycle to it. About half of all the parents in state prisons are African American and about 7% of all African American children have a parent in prison (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2000). [1] MaddHavikk wrote an interesting comment on Reddit:

Well you have to understand a bit of the history of blacks in America that has created the culture. The part of the culture that you are referring to has been building since about the late 70s - early 80s; Less than a decade after the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s when things looked to be on the rise for blacks in America. What changed? The War on Drugs and the beginning of the breakdown of the black family unit. Perfect timing.
The War on Drugs began the mass incarceration of millions of young men in black neighborhoods. Mandatory minimum sentencing, discriminatory policing, arrest, and conviction rates, have and continue to fill prisons with young black and brown men, doling out sentences of 1 yr to life for victimless crimes.
What implications has this had? Daughters and sons have been left fatherless, with mothers bearing the burden of supporting families by themselves, or with a father who is a felon. That leaves the children unsupervised dealing with issues living in a poor, single parent household. Once the prisoners get back, then what? Unable to get a job because of a record, you are now forced to work on the streets and likely to go back to prison.
With the influx of felons fresh out of prison, that prison mindset is then taught to the kids and other males in the neighborhood who are then forced to have to compete with these felons just to survive. It's a dog eat dog world and if you are seen as weak, you will be victimized. That prison mentality seeps back into the neighborhood when it is so concentrated, it becomes the norm. It's more likely for a black male to go to prison than graduate college. Over 50% of prisoners are there because of drug crimes, when the usage rates between blacks and whites are equal at about 14%.
This has gone on in inner cities in every crack and crevice of this country. When the same thing happens, there are definitely reasons. I can tell you that we as blacks did not plan for our culture to become this, but it is the result of actions over decades. The result of policies beginning after the civil rights movement, mainly the War on Drugs, have resulted in what you refer to as the "black culture".
tl;dr: This is the result of 40 years of bad policies that continue to tear apart the black family unit to this day

The invisible penalty of the "war on drugs" are the consequences of the conviction. If you get caught selling drugs or in possession of them, you might be able to plea bargain down to probation or limited incarceration. However, the invisible consequence is being denied the right to vote or serve on a jury and that has a ripple effect on how you fit into your community and society. [2]

There is also evidence to suggest that the "war on drugs" is biased. For example the penalty for possessing powder cocaine is less than for possession of crack cocaine. You can imagine that affects minority communities more than the white community. [3,4]

After the Trayvon Martin case verdict came out, I wasn't sure how to process it. I think in the end, most of us agree that the law in Florida is messed up. I'm a scientist. My area of research is medical imaging. I'm not a sociologist or lawyer. These are just some rambling thoughts.

1. Returning Captives of the American War on Drugs: Issues of Community and Family Reentry
John Hagan and Juleigh Petty Coleman Crime & Delinquency, July 2001 vol. 47 no. 3 352-367

2. J. Gender Race & Just. 253 (2002) Race, the War on Drugs, and the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction; Chin, Gabriel J. 

3. Unfair by Design: The War on Drugs, Race, and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System
Lawrence D. Bobo and Victor Thompson, Social Research, summer 2006 vol. 73 no. 2

4. Getting a fix on cocaine sentencing policy: Reforming the sentencing scheme of the anti-drug abuse act of 1986 AL Beaver

The Truth About Trayvon EN Yanka, NY Times, July 15, 2013
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Reminds me of the “thousand little cuts” story. The woman standing in front of us turned around to face me. “Are you the cheerleaders?” she beamed. I glanced at my all-girls robotics team with a look of disbelief. As their proud captain, I’ve spent…
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<3 Google! I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 83
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Nazanin Andalibi

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alright, this made me laugh! 
Mmmm... KitKat!

(Photo courtesy of +Dave Besbris)
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Social Informatics PhD student, photography, cafe, and crepe lover!
I used to paint, and now it has been a couple of years that I can call myself an avid photographer. I am mostly into street, people, portrait, and abstract photography. Here‘s where I post my photos. Whenever I watch a movie with striking cinematography, I say to myself: “I have to do cinematography along with research someday!”

I love New York City (I haven't been to too many cities though!), movies, hiking, biking, walking streets of cities I visit to get a sense of them, cafe hopping (possibly reading/writing in cafes, and enjoying random cafe chats that turn out to be thought provoking and fun), and baking. I think I make the best homemade crepes and birthday cakes; always up for a contest! 

I am a PhD student at the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel. My areas of interest primarily lie within the computer supported cooperative work (CSCW), human factors in computing systems, and everyday life information/new media behavior.
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