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Nayna Kanabar
A food fanatic that loves Vegetarian Cookery
A food fanatic that loves Vegetarian Cookery


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Finding the perfect Dinner Service
I have just recently had a kitchen clear out, I have
de cluttered all my broken, chipped and mismatched china. I am in the process of replacing everything.
Luckily there are so many sales and black Friday deals, that it was the perfect time to do a spot of ...

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Tidbits in my Pantry from B&M
This month I am really excited to show you some tidbits that I got from B&M stores. For those of you who are not aware B&M stores are a type of department store where you can purchase toys, household goods, home furnishings, electricals, kitchenware, statio...

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Avocado Supper Club
Avocados also known as the alligator pear, are considered a superfood as they have lots of health benefits. The avocado is high in protein
and has mono-saturated fat which is the good fat. They are low in
sodium and fructose but high in potassium, and essen...

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Chai Spiced Banana Muffins and The Vegan Cook book review
My favorite all time fruit is banana but I am rather fussy as to how I like like my bananas. I like to eat them when they are just yellow as soon as they go a darker yellow and brown spots appear I don't like them. That is when they are perfect to add to sm...

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Review and Giveaway ~Nala Cutlery Gift set by Viners
I love entertaining and host many dinner parties. Together with planning the menu, it is equally important that your tableware goes hand in hand with the menu. Having a beautifully set table with appropriate crockery and cutlery is an equally important part...

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Apple, Cucumber and Spinach Smoothie in the Nutri Force Extractor.
My family are smoothie addicts and we adore our fruits and vegetable smoothie combinations. Each morning we take it in turns to make a smoothie for the family so that we can all take a on the go bottle full of this yummy goodness to work. I usually make thi...

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The Optimum 9400 mini jug and a Mango Ginger Smoothie Halloween Special
For the last two years I have been the proud owner of the  Optimum 9400  blender and unlike any other device its the most used gadget in my kitchen. It  will blast any ingredient and blitz it to a delicious purée in moments, furthermore it crushes ice like ...

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Honey Afternoon Tea at St Ermin's Hotel London
St Ermins Hotel is in the heart of London, a short walking distance from St James's Park Station. Set in an iconic location in central London, close to Buckingham Palace, the hotel is truly grand in decor and look. It is built upon the site of a 15th centur...

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Cherry Tomato Risotto in Lakeland Pressure Cooker
My childhood memories stem back to recollection of my mother cooking in the kitchen. She did not have any electrical gadgets and all the grinding, crushing and pulsing was done in the pestle and mortar or on a large stone. She would grate all her vegetables...
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