Sitrep: Ingress 13 Magnus Reawakens Galle (Sri Lanka)

Ingress 13 Magnus Reawakens anomaly satellite site: Galle
Final Score: ENL 220.85 - RES 79.15

The Beginning
When Galle was announced as the location of the next satellite site for the anomaly, the Enlightened agents in Sri Lanka looked on in amazement. Surely there are better places with more than 100 portals for 400 agents to fight over. But the die was cast and the Rubicon was crossed; and the city was confirmed as the satellite site for the next anomaly.

Even though there is a very little Enlightened presence in Galle, and being the home to a large number of Resistance agents, the Enlightened were not discouraged and our agents planned a daring strategy supported by the agents on ground and elsewhere to negate the advantage of the Resistance.

With the recent victories in Obsidian and the Magnus-Shards, all the agents knew that the Resistance would be well motivated to win an anomaly and our agents were determined not to let that happen.

We Came
With a specific objective set by the planners, our agents were given a framework to organize and take part. A large number of agents from outside the city of Galle, travelled weekly to farm keys for about 2 months, and in the meantime, teams were formed and trainings were conducted.

On the day of the anomaly, agents travelled to Galle from all over the island, and our organizers did a tremendous job arranging transportation and lodging facilities for the agents arriving from far away.

We Saw
For the large part, many agents from outside the city ended up being very familiar with the situation on the ground. Like Julius Caesar once said, β€œin most cases men believe what they wish” whereas the Resistance agents surely kept believing that they had the ground advantage, but the dedication of the Enlightened agents ensured that they were very familiar with the area of play.

We Conquered
The sun dawned on the southern coast of the island of Sri Lanka on Saturday 23rd and in the colonial fort of Galle, a spectacle of epic proportions was held in the Fort of Galle, built by the Dutch in the early modern period.

To a larger degree, agents were able to absorb the training and tactics, and out performed the Resistance in every single measurement. The Enlightened emerged not only victorious, but utterly annihilated the Resistance in a show of complete and sheer dominance with the scores of 65 - 34 in Phase 1, 57-42 in Phase 2, and a mind blowing 97.5-2.5 in Phase 3, and thus once again the Resistance was subdued.

Well done Enlightened agents! We have once again prevailed and proved that no matter where the anomaly moves, we are still capable of winning.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day and similarly the dominance of the Enlightened in Sri Lanka is due to countless hours of hard work, dedication and commitment of all players.

Thank you agents who took part in advance planning, key farming, SWAG design and distribution, logistic support, after party planning and execution, and countless other tasks that made this day possible.

A special note of appreciation goes to our supporting agents and operators who did a wonderful job.
Also for the agents who traveled all over in Maldives to take down blockers to keep the playing area safe. A big thank goes to the agents from outside Sri Lanka who traveled to Colombo, especially Maldivian Enlightened along with Indian, Ukrainian, Russian and Lebanese agents who took part.

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