The height of stupidity folks, if anyone needs a laugh this is the article to read.

wait for it-

"I suspect that a DOJ Sherman Section 2 investigation is warranted. If my worst fears are confirmed at trial, with the documents that would be revealed in pre-trial discovery, I believe that a fundamental restructuring of Google would be appropriate. I have not said this before; indeed, I have not been convinced of this before. But no company can be allowed to control search, and search advertising, while expanding into so many other online businesses,if it remains the tool of three all-powerful shareholder executives.

A subsequent post will lay out what I believe is the source of Google's market power, and why Google can enjoy monopoly pricing power even in the presence of apparent competition. It will also describe the harm that this monopoly power causes consumers. A third post will propose some very simple but draconian steps that would limit Google's power, allow it to earn profits on its areas of expertise, and create a far more open, more fair, and less deceptive marketplace for search. The result would be a better Internet for all of us."

yes you read that right.

I vote for Eric K. Clemons for the ass clown of the year.
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