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Naully Nicolas
Digital Travel storymaker. My mission: create inspiring experience and relationship between you and your audience.
Digital Travel storymaker. My mission: create inspiring experience and relationship between you and your audience.

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The definition of success changes from generation to generation. Thinking about “the words" by Jean-Paul Sartre, you don't have to lie, cheat or step on or over someone else to find success…if the definition becomes more human. For if you do, you learn that success comes at the expense of humanity. And while you may not pay the prices, humanity picks up the tab in one way or another.

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Just testing this idea with QuickMVP (awesome site!)

If you like it please sign up and spread the news with your friends. 

See ya !

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Did you know that over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook per day? Or that 500 million tweets go out on Twitter, per day? And Instagram has over 55 million photos posted daily ?

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A storify with the most insigthful tweets from ‪#‎SWMF‬ New-York - Day 2. Enjoy !


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I just took the 2014 #SocialMedia Marketing Industry Survey–a simple survey designed to reveal the tools, benefits and top questions marketers want answered about social media. Please consider taking this survey if you are a marketer (plus you’ll get a free copy of the final report when it’s released).


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3 C’s of Effective Relationship Marketing

To succeed at capturing the attention of today’s busy online consumer, you must be able to effectively woo potential clients.

Much like dating, consumers want to be courted by your company long before you shove a product or service down their throat.

Just think back to one of your first-date experiences. Without some courting and wooing, rounding first or second base would have been impossible.

In fact, even attempting to “make a move” might have sent your date heading for the hills.

While social media might make consumers more accessible than ever before, pouncing on the opportunity without understanding their needs is a huge mistake.

Not only do you need to know your customers, you need to help them truly fall in love with your business.

I recently joined +Wade Harman on his weekly Google+ Hangout, focused on relationship marketing, social media, and building connections online and was inspired to dive deeper into the thoughts shared between +Jeff Sieh,  +Lany Sullivan and I on the show.

Below are three C’s critical to using relationship marketing effectively within your business: conversation, communication and community.

1. Create Meaningful Conversations

Relationship marketing, often defined as “relational versus transactional” marketing strives to put the relationship between business and consumer at the forefront rather than as an afterthought. 

No longer an accepted practice to simply push out a marketing message, businesses and brands are now expected to create conversation and establish rapport through their social channels.

2. Communicate Value

Instead of looking at your product or service and saying “what,” look at it and ask “who?” Who can I serve, help, give a little bit more to as opposed to what can I sell them today? I guarantee, the who is what will inspire engagement and ultimately, the action to purchase your product or service.

3. Embrace Your Community

Relationship marketing isn’t necessarily just about building relationships. It’s about nurturing and improving upon them.

The goal is to move away from the days of  simply building relationships and into an era where we ARE the relationship.


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