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Welcome New G+ People
When I started out a few months back, not knowing much about G+, except that it was good for pictures, it took me a while to find my way and discover the streams that I like. I was searching for food streams. I stumbled upon a few people who lead me to the my current streams.

I'd recommend starting with Daily Photography Themes where you might find something that fit your interests. You might also search the hashtags (e.g., #foodfriday ).

Here are my recommendations:
Daily Photography Themes

Food Themes:
#FoodFriday #sweetssunday #streetfoodsunday
Edit: #fruitsfriday

Please feel free to add more of your favorite themes and hashtags in comments.
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+Natty Netsuwan, is this Sticky Rice with sweet mung bean on the center and white and black sesame seeds? please, please give me some *putting on my cutest puppy dog face...
+Ms. Y These are the sesame balls that you can get at dim sum places. I think it's sticky rice flour with sesame seed filling. I don't know if the filling has mung beans or not. These are delicious! There were gone in no time. Sorry!
Very nice capture of a tasty treat. I've never seem them cut in half and displayed that way. It's a very sensual presentation.
+Tim Eisler A little bit of manipulation on my part...he he... The server cut them in half but the balls were left the where they were cut. A little bit of rearrangement helped a lot. :D
Very nicely arranged! Did you pinch them to get that luscious shape?
+Tim Eisler Not at all. The server used scissors to cut them and they retained that shape. I think it must have been because it was made with sticky rice flour. :)
Beautiful shot +Natty Netsuwan Great depth of field and point of view. You are getting more creative week by week. The photo looks awesome and inviting. Thank you also for mentioning the thread, the more the merrier.
Hello +Natty Netsuwan, there's another interesting "Food Theme" on Friday: #FruitsFriday (Page: +FruitsFriday).

And i can only agree with michael early: your food photos looks awsome & inviting.
+Michael Earley Thank you! I was really happy with this shot. The restaurant was well lit so I didn't have to do any post processing. :)
This one looks very very yummy Natty!
+Michael Earley That's neat! Thank you for link. I've been reading up on tricks and techniques here and there. It is amazing what's available out there! I have Lightroom only...I wonder how I can do this in Lightroom.
Ha... it's a little crazy with the comment functions since y'day. I even have people auto uncircled!
yuumm! and I love the buchi ball version of this too :D
ah, I googled it up, seems the term buchi is only used here in the Philippines but it refers to this desert, only shaped like bite-sized spheres
+Wesley Yeoh Some pictures? We have something similar to this type of sesame balls but with spicy mung bean filling.
spicy version! wow that's new
what do they use to spice it up? I must say, I've never had spicy desert before, hehe... it must like putting chilis in chocolate to give it a little kick?
+Wesley Yeoh Loads of ground pepper!!! After the ball is deep fried, it's rolled in sugar. A lot of contrast tastes, sweet and salty + hot, soft and crunchy...yum!
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