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Korma Curry from U-soop, Bangkok, Thailand
There are so many versions of korma curry around the world.  I love the U-soop version, thick, creamy, lightly sour...just perfect with rice.

I'd love to hear about the korma curry that you know.

For  #foodfriday  +FoodFriday curated by +Nicholas Ong +D. DeMonteverde and myself.
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and I love every version of it Natty... Another yummy post from you!
Mmm!! This looks delicious.. :) I don't think I've had Thai korma curry yet, only Indian korma curry which is deliciously creamy and rich. :D One delivery place I occasionally order from adds cashew nuts - yum!
Korma Rocks!!! looks fantastic! :)
+Nicholas Ong Thanks!  When I get a chance, I've got to go back to this restaurant.  Their korma curry is still on my mind.
+Stephanie Snipes Korma curry is not a common dish. It's usually offered by a halal place. Their version didn't have nuts, just chicken and sauce.  I've seen some with potatoes.
+Terry McNeil What's your version?  Indian?  Afghan?  Or something else?  I'm very curious how it's different from country to country.
+Liviu Panait That's the only way to cure cravings!  This is a good time to visit, too.  It's not as hot as the summertime (but still hot).  There are less tourists because it's not the peak season.  Many fruits are in season.
Looks delicious +Natty Netsuwan Never tried it before.
But, a few google gives me there are two kinds, coconut or yogurt.
Which is the one in your photo?
+Terry McNeil There are so many different versions of korma curry.  I'll have to figure out how to make this particular one.

I checked out the link.  I don't know who wrote this for Thai curries.  It's not very accurate.  I don't know why they think that Thai curries are based from Laotian curries.  As far as I know, Laotian food is not currycentric.  Laotian food is very similar to northeastern Thai food.  The people from the two countries share a culture and language.  Coconut milk is used a lot in central and southern Thai cuisine.  Coconut can be grown anywhere but best in the south and on islands.
Thank you +Natty Netsuwan It's seeming more and more like G+ is the place to get the real information on food!! :)
+Terry McNeil I've seen a lot of inaccurate information, especially on ethnic food.  On G+, you get to ask questions and get immediate responds.  The back and forth, too, helps getting to the point.  :D
I am sure it's very tasty, for me sounds exotic but I would love to try it.
You are right about the information, it's great that people are very nice and willing to share, to answer the questions.
The longer I stare at this, the hungrier I get ... :)
Don't think I've ever had Thai korma curry, I will start looking for it on menus. 
Looks yummy!
+Andrea Ewald The korma curry is usually available at many Muslim restaurants in Thailand.  I haven't seen it in Thai restaurants outside of Thailand.  I'm going to have to figure out how to make it.  hehehe
Hmm, there's a Muslim Chinese restaurant around here but I haven't seen a Thai one ... but then I haven't really looked for one ...
Muslim Thai food is such a treat.  If you get a chance to try, I highly recommend it.
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