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20 Ton Heavy Duty 48 inch Diameter Extra Large Turntable Lazy Susan Bearings

We are pleased to announce that website is  translated to Spanish 

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Hey Skateboarders @ you will find our Skateboard Bearing kit that has Built-in Spacers, you don't need to buy spacers, just enjoy the smooth rigid wheels, and easy to maintain.
Yes, No spacers needed! 

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Si, VXB Bearings are in Spanish now, check same bearings in by called Rodamientos de bolas intsead of Ball bearings, we ship to everywhere :) 

To our surprise we found that a lot of our customers are really thrilled about receiving a mystery gift along with their order. So now by popular demand our “Surprise Me Gift” promotion is back on. We appreciate all the feedback and are happy to provide a little mystery to your order. After all everyone likes a surprise gift.
This promotion will appear during the checkout process on our website sales. The special offer is only valid for orders that equal or exceeds $50.00 and purchased through our one page checkout. The offer is valid for a limited time or while supplies last and one per customer. You will be surprised, perhaps a little amused, but overall happy with your purchase and gift. Follow the links below and they will take you directly to our website featuring our bearings specialty chosen for this month’s newsletter. Perhaps you are looking for an improvement in performance or quality; here you will find an assortment of premium ball bearings.

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Introducing Straight Rod End Joints

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All types of bearings, roller, tapered and the like available through the huge inventory from VXB Bearings. 

Tapered or roller, with their wide variety of types and sizes, these bearings may prove to be difficult to find at local hardware or home improvement stores.  Luckily, with the wide selection of bearings at VXB Bearings, finding the parts, which one needs, is easier than ever.  Using manufacturers that use the latest in bearing technology they can assure their customers that the bearings they stock will be made from the highest quality materials.

Whether the parts are needed for home or business VXB is sure to have the bearings their customers have been needing for all of their equipment or machines.  With one of the widest selection available, from three different manufacturers, VXB is sure to have a bearing for everything.

VXB Ball Bearings is the name behind the NationSkander California Corporation, which has been in the family of supplying ball bearings since 1958.  Their warehouse stocks over a million ball bearing of every type and size to fit the needs of virtually anyone.  They have three top manufacturers on hand to ensure they have the right ball bearings to fit every type of project, every time. 

From skateboards to heavy machinery we are sure to have the bearing to fit the needs of all of our customers.  Our wide inventory comes from three separate manufacturers and we offer a wide range of ball bearing types.  From ceramic to mountable bearings we have the inventory that is sure to complete any project.

Using the VXB website, bearings can be searched for using the bearing size or by part number.  However they are found, they are sure to stock the bearing needed to get the job done.  With a large amount of shipping options available VXB strives to ensure companies and individuals to get their bearings as quickly as they need them and at shipping costs they can afford.

VXB continues to add parts to their already vast inventory to ensure their customers have what they need.  With a constant changing market they offer a vast selection of high quality bearings at competitive prices all at one convenient location.
Customers can save precious time and money by ordering ball bearings, roller and tapered and every kind in between, directly from the VXB Ball Bearings website.  Anyone in need of bearings can visit their site for a quick, free quote and to check out their vast selection of ball bearings today.

About Us:  There is a number of products that rely on the mechanics of roller, ball and many other types of bearings to function.  Sometimes these bearings can be difficult to find which is where VXB bearings comes in.  With a huge selection of bearings from three major manufacturers, they feature a selection of bearings from very small bearings to much bigger bearings, which is sure to include any size one could need.  No limit to buy and with fast and affordable shipping to nearly anywhere, VXB is sure to have just the right bearing to get your equipment up and running.  Visit them at to check out their large inventory today.

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Roller Bearings Provide Many Benefits Over Ball Bearings
Consumers are Finding their Bearings at VXB Ball Bearings
Choosing from all of the different types of bearings that are available, it is hard to figure out which kind is actually the best when designing any type of machinery.  Some people like the roller bearings better, but others like the ball bearings better for their projects.
The roller bearings may be able to provide some benefits over the ball bearings when they are using them in industrial uses.  This is because a roller bearing does not create as much friction.  With the reduced friction, it could give the company a big savings on their electricity bill.
These will also reduce the fire hazard, do not require lubrication and are overall cleaner to use that other types.  VXB Ball Bearings has many different opportunities for different kinds of bearings, including the roller bearings.  They have a lot of sizes also.  
The company spokesman added, “We know how hard it can be to find the right size of bearing in the style that is necessary.  We have many different options for all of our customers.  Roller bearings, ball bearings and more can be found with a click of the mouse.”
Every piece of machinery uses a different type of motor and will do something different.  This means that it has to be able to hold up when it is being worked at its hardest.  Not all machines are going to be ran at their full capacity, but if someone wants to do this, they need to know that it is possible.
The faster that it runs, the harder it will be on many of the machines though.  These are something that is going to be very important for industries.  They may increase the speeds and make sure that they have the parts on hand in case something happens.
VXB Ball Bearings will not limit the number of bearings that can be purchased at one time.  This is something that machines need and every company has a different number of machines.  They feel that there is no reason why they cannot be prepared if something breaks either.
Roller bearings can hold up to a lot of situations though.  They are also easily replaced when they need to be replaced.  The sizes and styles are going to be determining the cost and what they are going to get used for.  There are many possibilities in the industrial world when people are using bearings.
About Us:  Getting the right kind and size of bearings is not always an easy task.  When something breaks, it cannot be started back up if the bearings gave out.  This is a very important part of the operation in many industries and for personal equipment.  VXB Ball Bearings has millions of different kinds and sizes of bearings to choose from.  Their customers can order directly through their website 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  They ship all over the world to many customers.  They carry bearings from only the top quality brands.  Check out their huge selection of bearings at

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We are thrilled with the VXB Reward Points Program and we would like to thank everyone who is a part of it. Now you can earn “Double Reward Points for Double the fun”. Doubling the points equals two times the savings on our already low and competitive prices. The fun comes during the checkout process when you redeem your earned points and see how many have added up into great savings. This is the first time this year that we are having this promotion. Imagine how many points you can rack up in the next couple of days! You can earn twice as much reward points starting now until the end of Monday August 18, 2014. 

Here’s how it works:
• For every $1.00 you spend at you will earn 2, that’s right two VXB Reward points.
• Points are redeemable when you login to your account and purchase with a credit card. 
• Redeem your earned points at any time for any purchase.

Not a member, here’s how to join:
• It is quick and easy; simply register to create an account on our website.
• VXB Reward Points only work when you login to your account. 

Featured Items – Plain Bushings
When it comes to plain bushing there’s several options that may work for your application. Take a look at the different styles, materials and sizes we offer: Plain Spherical Bushings, Bronze Bushings, Rod Ends.

Thanks again and please contact us with all questions either online or directly at (800) 928-4430. Family
Chat with us live:

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New product, 1/4" inch Miniature Pillow Block Mounted Bearings MUP4 

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GE90ES-2RS Spherical Bushing Plain Bearing 90x130x60 Plain Bearings
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