Tell us your #greenwish and we'll share it at the Green Inaugural Ball -
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For countries to place value on preserving their natural habitats and put an end to poaching. #GreenWish
Mail without paper. (except for items delivered, such as Shaving stuff, etc)
My #GreenWish for the next 4 years is for a Worldwide Carbon Tax of $240 per ton.  And maybe planting far more trees than are being torn down.  One can hope
+Chad Faul... You do know that marijuana has been proven to cause no issues medically and can actually make cancer cells commit suicide... Stress is a killer and it takes away stress... You are what's wrong with America chad....
+Scott Young More HARM than GOOD, Read the book of Revelation and it's correlation to RAMPIB drug use = now & the last days.
 Me comment...How ILLOGICAL. Welcome to the dumbfication of America. Aged 30-39 or 40
 Can we please keep religion out of this?  Everyone has a right to have their own views on issues, and no one has the right to criticize people for it.  So leave it be.
+Nicholas Vela Was I typing 2 you Religion? No 2 answer you. Mind your own business son. Don't be like a WOman.
+Chad Faul I will mind my own business after you mind your own business.  Take your own advice.  And way to be a sexist bigot!!  So go on and have at it, but life has more to offer me than fighting with an indoctrinated bigot like thyself.
concentration more on our world instead of trying to find another
My  #Greenwish is to find more economic solutions to our need of a car. And get rid of poverty and uneducated children, instead of caring about spending money on war.
A ban on tobacco product lines!
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