President Obama will soon decide the fate of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline--a project that would trigger the expansion of tar sands operations that are pushing entire caribou herds to the brink of extinction.

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We need to seriously stop him from passing this & work towards living life without being dependent on oil! 
There are so many options that are better. Why can't America expand its national energy portfolio?
No we can not live without oil.  Well I can't and also it will give people jobs
oil and gas is needed right now, but at the rate our technology is advancing, soon we will be able to use only wind and solar energy. and unlike oil, the sun will never go out. well maybe in 4billion years it will explode but by that time i feel humanity would have died out.
sun can't explode but will turn into red giant. Unfortunately if we burn even all the oil/gas reserves we already have (never mind finding more), it will be 5 times more than needed to heat the earth beyond any hope of saving civilization. Its simple math. Instead of spending billions looking for more oil/gas to ruin our environment that money should be spent on the switch to other energies.
I totally agree with #AlisonP, plus trying to find better and more economic ways to get around, which might extend the life of our planet.
yeah, if we spent half the money we do on our military on finding new, RENEWABLE resources, we could have advanced much farther than we have so far.
ok as long as you know its not an elk. it just bugs me sometimes when people call all deer-like animals elk. especially antelope. that really bothers me... maybe because i have elk that visit my yard. i dont know. it just bothers me. :P
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