Happy Thanksgiving! Today we are thankful for you, this beautiful world, and the wildlife and ecosystems that enrich our existence.

May you stuff yourself as well as this chipmunk today!
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Love it!  Yes, we are grateful for this wonderful natural world of ours.  Let's do our share to keep it healthy, isn't that the best way to say "thank you"? 
Happy Thanksgiving everybody and cutie chipmunk! 
happy thanksgiving to all and for you cutie chipmunk ;)
I like this one and he looks real full...LOL! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Nice to see the little things in life to remind us where we were and where we our going.
Thanks. I really like National Wildlife Federation...
Aww... Very Cute!
"Can't a chipmunk nest in peace?" This little one reminds me of the little chipmunk I watched working his own nest. It's fascinating seeing animals in their survival mode.
makin like a tree and got caught leaving
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