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The Georgia Wildlife Federation is focused on safeguarding and enhancing every aspect of Georgia’s diverse environmental landscape. Find out more about their stewardship efforts:
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Thousands of shorebirds migrate over 8,000 miles along the "highway in the sky." But essential stopovers sites along this path are at risk from climate change. See how you can help:
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Our most treasured public lands - national parks - mark their 100th anniversary this year. Plan to visit one this summer and check out these tips when planning your trip:
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Do we have to educate tourists...who are grown-ups for the most to what is dangerous? I think not!! If they're so bent on being wannabe photographers, and put themselves in harm's way to take a picture...or to see "wildlife"(emphasis on wild) up close, that's their slow-witted deshij!! As for "going off the trail," they're "already" off-the-trail!!

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After decades of conservation work, grizzly bear Endangered Species Act recovery goals have been met or exceeded in Yellowstone National Park. Will state management plans be sufficient to keep that recovery going strong? See where the discussion stands:
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Bees top the list of critical pollinators, but species like bats, birds, and beetles help flowering plants, too. Discover the creative methods some plants use to lure pollinators:
From flies to bats to lizards, our special summer photo gallery captures the diversity of animals that pollinate the world’s plants
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It is becoming apparent that the butterfly population decreases each summer; so too do the birds and other species.

In the big cities, few people bond with nature ..or show any concern...Seems like they "truly" believe that Planet Earth could survive on technology alone....I'd rather see a "wild" garden with diverse flora, than one which is perfectly structured!!

A house is not a "home" if it's dominated by concrete and wrought iron. A garden ...even a potted garden, adds to its aesthetic appearance and promotes wildlife, even on a small scale.
The birds nest in thick hedges in the winter to shelter from the cold; in the summer, from the heat...

SO, let's do whatever little we can towards the continuation, and very survival, of the species...Bearing in mind, animals belong in their natural habitats....a caged bird seldom sings...
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Over the last 9 years, 8 million acres of wildlife habitat have disappeared under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Learn more from our CEO, Collin O'Mara's testimony before Congress:
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Looking for a great place to camp? NWF staffers from across the country share their favorite spots to enjoy nature and wildlife:
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I'm happy to have made an iota of difference by contributing over the years....if not as consistently as I would the NWF...They are committed to preserving and protecting our wildlife, so important to the continuation of the species...

Each of us must do our part; so that we, and future generations, may enjoy these beautiful views of natural scenery and diverse wildlife .....

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Placing rocks or bricks in your birdbath provides a place for insects and butterflies to safely access water. Check out some water tips to help you provide for wildlife in your garden:
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The water should be changed every day. I noticed that the birds were moving near the water, tiny spiders could swim in the water, also grasshoppers. It is very interesting to watch how insects enjoy in the water.
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Did you know only 3 percent of the world’s oceans are protected from mining and drilling? This puts wildlife, like the endangered sperm whale, at risk. Learn more about this beautiful mammal and how you can help protect their ocean habitat:
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I have contributed to the NWF for a few years now; as I believe that it is my duty as a resident on Planet Earth, to help protect the species in any little way I can..

It is sad that the earth's oceans are being infiltrated by drilling, sonic booms, pollution, and the various obstructions that threaten sealife in all forms..

It is imperative that we come together and help to make a difference in their survival by protecting this oceanic habitat......
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Add some "wild" new tunes to your campfire with free guitar chord downloads from [tag] the Whizpops—and check out fun facts about the wildlife that inspired them!
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See how our partner, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, defends our public lands and is a champion of the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument:
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so butiful
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Celebrate our nation's birthday with a trip to one of these national parks for a chance to see our national symbol, the bald eagle:
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Inspiring people to protect wildlife for our children's future
We work with more than 4 million members, partners and supporters in communities across the country to protect and restore wildlife habitat, confront global warming and connect with nature.

We are excited to explore Google+ and the natural world with you!
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