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Wildlife like the wild bison need your help! Our generous NWF Leaders make a big difference with their monthly gifts of as little as $5. Learn more about joining our work:
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Human is to help wild animals because most species are threatened with extinction. Animals have the right to life, we must know that there are predators who attack weaker animals, especially young ones who becomes a victim.
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Snapping that perfect photo of backyard wildlife can be tricky and requires lots of patience. Learn how to take pictures like the pros with these tips:
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Piece of nature 
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For over 75 years, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation has led wildlife and habitat preservation initiatives, citizen education, and outreach to decision makers across the region. Find out more about the difference they're making:
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Sweet little Duckling. Tiny Duckling is happy because it is large enough to begin to fly.
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Test your wildlife knowledge - can you identify these 5 wildlife species? (Hint: they appeared in National Wildlife magazine this year!)
National Wildlife magazine's animal puzzler game
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See how important species are rare, which are not found in nature often because specific, unique living. In the world there are individuals artists, scientists are particularly appreciated, especially realize their value was observed when they were not more on world. Why are rare species mentioned when they become critically endangered. The world is uninformed, do not want to know, they do not know how to recognize the importance of the prominent species or individuals, except when we hear that they have won the Nobel Prize, fast to forget about them as if they were important only to a certain short time. All the Rare things in World are valuable.
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Late summer and fall means a harvest of berries and seeds for birds. See what trees and shrubs help provide food as the weather turns colder:
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#nuri bird
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Extra extra! Read all about it! We're excited to announce the launch of Ranger Rick Cub magazine! Introduce the infants and toddlers in your life to animals and the outdoors. Learn more:
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2 years later and those in Flint still await safe drinking water. We stand with Flint's NAACP chapter and urge the Senate leadership to provide relief for impacted communities in both Flint and Baton Rouge.
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Where should the buck stop then?
It's shameful nobody wants to say hey we fubared here now let's fix something that should be done everywhere.How about leading by example accountability. 
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Happy National Public Lands Day! These national treasures like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Acadia National Park are perfect for enjoying wildlife and wild places. Do you have a favorite to visit?

(Don't forget to sign the petition to keep these public lands in public hands -
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Happy National Public Lands Day! Very nice bird. Environment shows a picture of a man. It is strange that people his private environment clean and care, but for the common landscapes devastated, it is necessary to educate people, in general constantly about everything.
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GREAT NEWS: You may think of parks as green, but we're seeing blue! President Obama designated the 1st marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean, protecting nearly 5,000 square miles of deep-sea ecosystems for wildlife, including the world's longest-living vertebrate, the Greenland shark.
It’s just another day under the sea for the Greenland shark, the world’s longest-living vertebrate. But September 15, 2016, is also the day that nearly 5,000 square miles of this shark’s …
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How does anyone claim any part of the designate for any thing ? It seems a stretch of ownership. I like the idea of protection of sea ecosystems. Only am not sure we have power in 5000 miles. Other creatures swim ,crawl , float in any place they choose. It just doesn't seem right.
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See the impact on wildlife, ecosystems & outdoor recreation as the number of yearly fires grows:
In 2015, more than 2,500 structures were burned in the Valley and Butte wildfires alone. Since 1970, wildfires have burned more than twice the area as expected, and fire season …
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Greatest hoax of all time.
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Imagine a KEEP OUT sign posted at Yellowstone National Park or not being allowed to visit the Grand Canyon. Some in Congress seek to sell off these lands and more to the highest bidder and prohibit public access. Speak out now and take the pledge to ask our political leaders and candidates to keep public lands in public hands:
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Some animals avoid the daytime hours to protect against predators, competition for food, and intense heat. Test your wildlife identification skills by guessing these night dwellers by their eyes:
Test your wildlife identification skills by guessing these night dwellers by their eyes: Pledge to camp as part of the National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Campout and see what nocturnal wildlife you can …
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GPS 152 Garmin

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