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Along with our friends at +CBS News, we're hosting a foreign policy and national security debate this Saturday. What questions would you ask the presidential candidates? Share them with us in the comments field!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your full name, hometown, and any other details you would like to share (age, occupation, if you've served in the military, etc.) if you want your question to be considered. By submitting a debate question via any of above methods, you consent to have your name and question presented on-air to a national television broadcast.
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If Iran produces a working nuclear bomb, what will you do?
If elected president would you repealing the Patriot Act or improving civil liberty safeguards and abolish the warrantless wiretapping currently going on?
Submited by: Nickolaus Richard from Ashburnham, MA.

This question is for every candidate.
Its estimated that 17,000 military and private security forces are to stay in Iraq after the withdrawal to protect "American interests". At a loss estimated in the tens of billions and an unexpected loss of precious American lives it seems excessive to maintain such a considerable presence. In your opinion are these interests a matter of protecting our National Security or protecting private business interests? How would you justify trading American lives for business interests. Please elaborate on your foreign policy and specify what is presently a threat to our national security abroad.
To all candidates:

I think that it is fair to say that our government has resorted to higher taxes, quantitative easing, and the monetization of debt in an effort to sustain a policy of excessive spending. Our policy of policing the world is very expensive and is a major factor in driving the dollar crisis. This crisis is a serious, imminent danger to our national security. If you oppose our policy of policing the world, can you commit to a specific time frame in which to end these wars and bring our troops home?

P.S. - I would like to hear the word 'yes' or the word 'no' at some point in your answer.

by Shawn Shipley (Hays, Kansas)
Another Question:

To all candidates:

Dr. Paul has suggested that we end all foreign aid. This suggestion has drawn criticism from some who say that that would be very detrimental to Israel's safety. U.S. foreign aid to Israel accounts for approximately 1% of their GDP and Israel has several hundred nuclear missiles. If we cut aid, Israel would be able to decide for itself how to deal with Hamas. The proponents of this criticism often cite how close Iran is to making their FIRST nuclear bomb. If you agree with this criticism of Dr. Paul's suggestion, then please explain exactly how Israel would be less secure if they lost U.S. foreign aid.

by Shawn Shipley (Hays, Kansas)
Thanks! I look forward to the debate.
Shawn Shipley - Hays, Kansas

To Mr. Cain:

In the last debate, you said that you were "the only one that's put a bold plan on the table". Dr. Paul plans to eliminate five cabinet-level departments, allow competing currencies, cut 1 trillion dollars from the budget in the first year, and balance the budget in the third year. In what way is your economic plan more bold than Paul's?
Hi all, We are no longer accepting questions, but please tune into the debate at 8 p.m. EST on Saturday on your local CBS station or at!
All candidates: What do you see as America's role around the world in conflicts where we have no direct interest? Are we to continue to be the world's police force when we have such a huge deficit and problems at home? Jerry Grimes, Columbia, SC
To All Candidates:
Historically it has always been easier to defend one’s own keep rather than invade other’s home. Russia is a great example of that, defeating both Napoleon’s and Hitler’s armies in their own land, but being horribly beat and finally moving out of Afghanistan after ten long years. If elected President would you strengthen America’s borders by bringing our forces home and letting them be the defenders rather than invaders and at the same time putting the fight against all enemies foreign and domestic into a home court with a home court advantage?
Leszek Stachyra, Sanger, TX
Graham Starr, Student at Tufts University, from Mahwah, NJ:

To all Candidates
Daniel Drezner, professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and foreign policy consultant, has stated that one of the epitomes of foreign policy in an administration is the ability to correctly lead S/P, the Policy Planning branch of the State Department. How do you plan on improving Policy Planning, so that actual foreign policy and legacy may be implemented? Additionally, through which means to you propose improvements to the bureaucratic system of policy planning?
To all Candidates;
Why in all debates none of you ever talk about defending and protecting veteran benefits and their rights? Reason I asked? Because Sen John McCain, is threatening to take away Tricare Care Prime Program from Retirees, and also to raise enrollment fee and co-payment. What would you do as President to avoid any budget cuts against veterans benefits? This benefits is not given to us on charity, we earned this benefits for the sacrifice for our country...

Efrain Roldan
Kissimmee, FL
SSG (Retire)
Would you support mandatory child rape reporting for all adults?
Jen Kaufman
Roanoke, VA
@ronpaul Much conversation tonight has been about values. The moral decline of our culture continues, from media, from teachers, to coaches (Penn State) and others that we trust. How would you lead our society by creating a moral standard for our society so that it does not decline further?
@ronpaul I am a father of 6. I want the future for my children to be bright. How will you balance the budget and stop the deficit from going up so our nation does not go bankrupt.
cbs and the national journal have been banned (blacked out) in my household. shameful the way this debate was blatantly bias and manipulative.
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