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Lead the Art life, experience it!
Lead the Art life, experience it!

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Mtshongoyo Dancers
Artwork of the Week Mtshongoyo Dancers by Marvelous Mangena. The
artwork depicts a pulsating traditional dance group entertaining a captivated audience
in a football field. Mtshongoyo Dancers marries the past
with the present as the traditional ceremonial d...

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of the Week For My
School Fees by Andrew
Chirenje The artwork, For
My School Fees portrays a young boy carrying a huge pile of firewood on his
head. This piece connotes the idea that the boy will sell the firewood in order
to raise money to pay for ...

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AZEVEDO The Pied Crow is a widely distributed African bird species. Its glossy black head and neck are interrupted by a
large area of white feathering from the shoulders down to the lower breast while the
tail, bill and wi...

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of the Week Workers by Henry
Tayali The
artwork workers portrays a group of men in overalls, carrying mattocks and
pickaxes on their shoulders. The men's dress code, tools, posture and the tall
buildings parallel to them suggest that they are walkin...

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Liberation 1
Artwork of the week Liberation 1 by George Nene The artwork Liberation is subdivided into two main parts; the bottom part depicting the struggle
against colonial rule and the upper part portraying freedom as people can be
seen with baskets full of freshly h...

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Via Dolorosa
Artwork of the Week Via Dolorosa by Craig Robert The artwork Via Dolorosa depicts a street within
the Old city of Jerusalem that is believed to be the path that Jesus walked on
his way to crucifixion. The Via Dolorosa pilgrimage, meaning the sorrowful way,

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of the week Cyclist by Kingsley
Sambo The artwork Cyclist depicts two figures who are riding
bicycles along a path as the title suggests. Cycling is a common mode of transport, recreation, exercise and sport.  It is mainly
an aerobic activity, which ...
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