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Good article.....except Paul's not in fourth place with delegates as the AP "projections" claim. He's actually about tied in second place. But that story will come out ovrr the next two weeks as state gop conventions occur- starting with North Dakota this weekend!
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+Arthur Gwynne they've been trying to cock block since the precinct voting, and we're still winning :P
+Kevin Peno that's right baby! Keep rolling with the punches and swinging back! We've got some really brilliant people on our side and we're fighting for our freedom. Those fighting for their freedom often overcome great obstacles and larger more powerful adversaries. a relatively small but determined group of freedom fighters back in the late 1700's ;)
+Nathaniel Witmer damn straight. I'm looking forward to getting back into the fray tomorrow at our county convention!
+Arthur Gwynne I suppose that if it is/was a problem I'll find out on Saturday, or at state at the end of april, after the credentials report. However, I've removed my account just in case and should be given the opportunity to argue my case before I'm thrown out.
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