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Nathaniel England
Damned if you, Damned if you don't
Damned if you, Damned if you don't

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Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever. #truthlogic

And it begins again.

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Free copies of What the Plus!, courtesy of Google. Please share this post so as many people as possible can get a copy.

just cant wake up today.

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When it comes to responsibility, it is amazing how fast people go from owning it to blaming it once things start to go south. #blamegame

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Haha! Share if your mom let you do this. :) 

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Also I have just decide that the name of my Blue Grass - Metal fusion band will be Terrorist Grass Attack. #funnynames

Finished mowing the lawn and now it is time to start sneezing uncontrollably. #damnyououtside #terroristgrassattack
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