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The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle
The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle And the hills the greenest green, in Seattle

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This is very helpful advice. But if you don't want to read it, at least get this takeaway:
Check the address bar; pay attention every time a page is asking for any of your info.
But you probably already do that, so make sure you check the encoding first. Make sure it starts with 'http' or preferably 'https', anything else should raise red flags. If that's good, then verify that the domain is the one you're expecting.

Also, enable 2 factor authentication.
Fascinating phishing attack, especially with what it does to the url bar, but I'd like to point out it's not new.

One of the linked posts is from 6 months ago. However, it may be spreading wider right now, which is why there's more attention on it. And the fact that it was at the top of HN yesterday. 

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So good to finally see the history of my alma mater getting talked about.

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This is one of those things where you know what the characters on screen should do, but they can't hear you yelling through the screen. ...and it makes a much more compelling story with deeply human struggles.
Iron Man needs help, but even his friends don't notice it.

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Do it for the children.
Did you know that foster children often miss out on the extracurricular activities and enrichment programs that their peers are able to enjoy?

Our team, The Alley Bats, is participating in the Sleep Train Pajama Bowl tomorrow and I want to invite you to support us. Our team fundraising goal is $250 and we have raised $140 so far.

Please consider donating to any of our fundraiser pages and helping foster children gain access to empowering and life-shaping childhood experiences. Donations are given to Sleep Train’s carefully chosen non-profit foster care agency partners in Washington and Oregon.

+Nathaniel Watkins+Carlos Balderas​

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I had regular LASIK (not custom) a year ago and can confirm everything said in the article; it's a really great overview.

Except, I'd like to add that you can have a fantastic experience by a professional and skilled surgeon if you look for deals in the right places and make sure to fully vet the clinic and surgeon, just like described in the article. I got a Groupon (weird right?) and went with a national franchise of LASIK clinics, for a final cost (including all the extra perks mentioned in the article) of less than half. They were top notch and my surgeon had over 2500 surgeries under his belt, with 0 surgical errors.

I'll also add that I rolled the dice on skipping the custom part of the procedure (which is what the author talked about where they scanned his eyes to make a typographical map). They did however do the scan on me to make sure that there were no unforseen problems, they just did not load the scan into the laser machine (instead using my prescription from a conventional style eye exam to program the machine). What it boiled down to me was that the cost was double for custom and the main benefit (which is not to be downplayed) was a lower chance of less than perfect results. However, regular LASIK and custom LASIK both have the same potential of correction and no halos. In my case, I had halos at first, but those went away after about 3 to 6 months of healing, and my vision is now somewhere between 20/10 and 20/15 (before LASIK I couldn't do anything without my glasses).

It's been long enough that I often forget that there was a time that I wore glasses and am somewhat surprised when I look back at old pictures; even though I already was wearing glasses in my oldest childhood memories. The convenience of just being able to see without any other dependancies cannot be overstated.

Lastly, I'd like to also point out that there is a distinct smell when the laser starts searing fixing your eyeball. It's kinda like when a bug has gotten stuck in a bug zapper.

Watch this if you still have any questions/concerns:

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Just slow down and let yourself get to know someone before writing them off; you might find that you like them after you get to know them.

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Since quizzes are meant for sharing...

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Wow, this adds a whole new level of respect for George Lucas and the prequels.

However, I would still argue that even with all this deep symbology and profound filmmaking, there was still a responsibility for George to make the prequels enjoyable movies to watch and without requiring so much suspension of disbelief. Case in point: this still doesn't explain why Queen Amidala didn't immediately (after the conflict was over at the end of TPM) use a relatively small portion of her own or her country's considerable wealth to thank Anakin by freeing his mother from a life of slavery (and eventual death at the hands of the sand-people).

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Heads up: if you have any Hello Kitty/San Rio/My Melody accounts, you should update any compromised login info.

"Over the weekend, security researcher Chris Vickery told CSO’s Salted Hash security blog that he’d discovered a leaked database of more than 3.3 million user accounts for and other Sanrio-owned websites like and The breached data included full names, encoded by decipherable birth dates, email addresses, and encrypted passwords, along with password reset questions and answers" and I was imagining hello kitties the world over being all like...
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I'm hoping I won't need to use this with y'all, but here's this in case you have any spoileriffic friends.
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