Some ship tokens, the Flying fortress and interceptor from earlier, and now a T1 corporate gunship and Militarized civilian SSTO (the other way around is a much better idea)

PMC Gunship 17 points 
V-shift 1
Trade 2
Beam  3
EW 2
Hull [ ][ ][ ]
Data [ ][ ][ ]
Heat [ ][ ][ ]
Interface vehicle (Gunned up commercial SSTO)
T2 Slipstream
Protecting our investments
State of the art battle management suite
Beats the corner office by a long shot
Light logistical capabilities.
Hey we sold you those weapons!
Long Range: Remove Interface vehicle and lower trade to 1, add extended range. Replace "Light logistical capabilities" with "High endurance."
Torpedoes: Lower trade by one or remove interface vehicle, add Torpedo 1. Replace "Light logistical capabilities." with "Milsurp missiles. (out of ammo)"

A paramilitary gunship with a state of the art laser defense system designed to escort civilian vessels. It's not very fast, but that's not an issue when escorting civilian craft, and it's laser system is rather impressive for the price. It can also carry missile racks or a small amount of cargo in an optional SSTO.

Gunned up commercial SSTO 6points
V-shift 1
Torpedo 1
Trade 2
EW 2
Hull [ ]
Data [ ][ ][ ]
Heat [ ]
Interface vehicle (self)
Point defense
Linear aerospike.
Mostly fuel tank. (out of fuel)
Warranty Void.
Millsurp "Penetration aids" (out of ammo)
Private Security Contractors.

A commercial SSTO modified into a trans-atmospheric assault vehicle by cutting the payload in half, adding a suite of millsurp "Penetration aids" and voiding the warranty by trying to land it with full tanks and then have it lift off again without being properly serviced and refueled. Defiantly not up to millitary spec, but possibly good enough to penetrate low tech air defenses if nothing goes wrong.
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