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In the wake of Maria De Villota's shocking crash in straight line aero testing for the Marussia Formula One team just 6 days ago it's important that the FIA and the other power brokers of Formula One resist the urge to make hasty decisions just to be seen to be "doing something".

Charlie Whiting has been quoted as saying they are working on a closed canopy system which would have saved De Villota had it been fitted. See the story here

While I don't doubt his claims and I also realise he was working on the canopy idea prior to Maria's crash I feel he is focusing on the wrong issue.

Maria De Villota's crash would not have happened either at a Formula One race weekend nor at an official pre season test for no other reason than the cars are separated from the team transporters by the pit garages.

The test Maria was doing was held at an airfield and the facilities were temporary at best,

The FIA needs to focus on these temporary testing venues. Maybe airfields should be banned with any testing to be carried out solely at Formula One approved venues. Had Maria been testing at Silverstone and had the same issue with the anti stall on her car she would have had a 65km/h off centre impact with a concrete pit wall. A crash that would have done minor damage to the car and almost certainly none whatsoever to the driver.

For Maria and her family during what must be an incredibly difficult time for them all I wish them every strength in dealing with the challenges that face them. I hope they can take some comfort from the huge outpouring of support that has been shown on every blog, forum, news site and twitter feed around the world.

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The ban on in season testing at race tracks caused this.

They need a return to in-season testing. FoTA nominates 3-4 tests per year to be held in the days after a race when they have a 3 week break. MotoGP does similar with their tests.
Yeah good point Craig I don't follow MotoGP so wasn't aware of their schedule but it does sound like a much better idea.

I always wondered why they didn't hold testing on the Monday after racing the circuit on the Sunday. It's got to be the cheapest way to do it as the only extra costs are comsumables and another night in the hotel