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I live to improve myself, help others, and change the world
I live to improve myself, help others, and change the world


Ugh, can anybody at +Motorola Mobility help me? My 2013 Moto X fritzed out on me (again), and so I put in for an advance replacement. Paid extra so I could get a new phone fast.

It has now been 30 days since I submitted my ticket. And, despite 6 or more calls to support I seem to be no closer to getting a new phone.

It is even more frustrating to me because I actually paid extra for this! And then there was several miscommunication. First they told me I would be getting a Motomaker 2nd gen Moto X (Yay!) then that I would not be (aww). Then (several times) that my phone was going to be shipped within 48 hours. Still nothing.

All this on top of me losing my custom Moto X 2013 which I have loved for over 2 years now. At this point I have no idea what it's getting replaced with or when it will arrive.

By the way, I was one of your (Motorola's) Motomaker beta testers and have loved and recommended your phones to many people. If you guys could help me out, you'll have a happy customer once again.

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What tasty treat is the new Android sculpture holding?

Find out soon with 

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New Google Photos app is live!

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Originally shared by ****
How Android Software Upgrades are made

See this week's blog post for answers to frequent asked questions, like:

How come everyone doesn’t get the upgrade as soon as Google releases Lollipop?

How come some users in my country get the upgrade and not me?

When will the upgrade for my specific device be available?

Be aware that I'm deleting questions about upgrades from posts that are not related to upgrades.

This one here is game. Read the post and ask away. (if your question had not been answered, of course)

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Spam in Google Scholar? 
So I was doing some absolutely enthralling academic research when I came across a paper with a surprising title!
"Preparation and characterization of Fe3O4 magnetic nano–particles for hyperthermia guaranteed payday loans "
Here's a link to my exact search:,23
The site linked to in the search result is just full of dead links as far as I can tell, but its source definitely reveals something suspicious I think...
Does anybody know someone from +Google search quality that might be interested in this? I know it's not a huge deal for this one result but it really shouldn't be there.

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