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I treasure what few "I told you so" moments I get, and today I see that John Carmack is saying, with better data and from a position of much greater experience, what I've been saying all along about static analysis:

A shot of me in action and one of my slides can be found here:

Remember people: every time you use a dynamically typed language or system, God kills a kitten. Or goat. Or carrot... or planet, or mushroom - look, the point is that it can't be determined until execution time.
Static Code AnalysisThe most important thing I have done as a programmer in recent years is to aggressively pursue static code analysis. Even more valuable than the hundreds of serious bugs I have pr...
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I have been sad many times in the last year about finding Python problems at run time which would have been trivially caught by any plain old C or Java compiler.
Two jobs ago when I worked at a compiler company, expanding our compilers to do better static analysis, and then running them on our own stuff, was awesome.
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