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So much want! Here's hoping it will be out on AT&T.

I believe I figured out how to post to Facebook from Google+. If so, then less Facebook for me!

Still looking for a IA local artist for this weekend! Let me know if you are available.

Looking for an artist for a project on October 1st. Must be available most/all day.

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If only I was going to be anywhere near enough to catch this. Definitely going to get my pre-order on though.

I am now "friends" with the MTGMom +Megan Holland. Looking forward to all the motherly advice! Good on you for the Premium Newsletter; I enjoy them every week.

WC Starcraft videos make me want to be really good at this game, but then remind me that you have to work really hard to get good at that stuff and i'm barely able to play it okish.

Captain America is easily the best movie I've seen all summer. Highly recommended. Although, I have to say; If you go to a Marvel movie and you get up and leave the theater before the credits finish, you definitely aren't getting your full ticket price's worth. Trailer for The Avengers is epic!

Apparently, NPH is in the Smurf movie, but as a human. So is the OCD chick from Glee. Cast sounds pretty good, but it just looks awful!

What did you have for dinner? Doesn't matter, because mine was way better! I love me some Shish kabobs <3
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