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Nathaniel Hull
Star Wars Fan, Tabletop RPG player, and all around nerd.
Star Wars Fan, Tabletop RPG player, and all around nerd.

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I am no longer using G+ but have passed on the community as it is. 

If you're on android and still play PoGo, Smart Poke 2 is a tracker that actually works. Niantic may think it is stealing fun, but so is wasting what precious free time working adults have blindly stumbling around looking for Pokemon that aren't even present when presented on the in game tracker.

So, just in my neighborhood, rare spawns are up to: dratini, squirttle, pikachu (two locations), snorlax, and growlithe. I complain about living in the 'burbs, but I actually get really dense and good spawns. Bulbasaur spawns nearby, but I've yet to actually snag one.

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Caught this little guy in my neighborhood today. I've been playing since the 6th and had no idea they could spawn here. 

Pokemon Club logons are so broken I had to reinstall the game, then reset my password and have been locked out 4 times with the correct password. I guess my level 16 character is gone, time to restart.

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Indianapolis Botanical Gardens
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Spearow wants to be a water pokemon

Creating an opt-out collection for those that don't like PoGo.

Nerdy 9th post:

Pokémon Go is an amazing game. Hear me out now.

I've been a fan of the game franchise since the beginning. It combined the best elements of the original Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda to me

Now, I can go out see Pokémon in the real world and best of all go out and share the experience with my daughter, being trainers together, while getting out in the sun and fresh air, not hunched individually over our game boys. 

Damn Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Network Log on option is still broken so I had to create a new character with my google account. Seriously, why was there even a beta?
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