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Nathan Hourt
Nathan is dedicated to creating applications which empower individuals to shape a better world for themselves and others.
Nathan is dedicated to creating applications which empower individuals to shape a better world for themselves and others.

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Although better known for his carpentry, waterproof sandals, and weather forecasting, Jesus did have a bit to say about investing as well.

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Very interesting information here, which I was not previously aware of. The plot thickens.

The last sentences in this article have little fanfare, but are quite significant. The woman caught twice in the act of smuggling child sex slaves out of Haiti now works at a company responsible for issuing Amber Alerts.

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It's a good day for +SpaceX.

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The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.

-- Confucius
The use of violence and intimidation in order to scare people into complying with your will is known as TERRORISM...

#ImJustSayin #WellSomebodyHadToSayIt #SorryNotSorry #GoogleVoluntaryism #ThereIsABetterWay

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Ahhhh, so much happy.

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Cue: Msm seeking to normalize pedophilia.
The most disgusting piece of #PredictiveProgrammingFrontloading. The supposedly so called CONservative bastion that is FAUX, other than Mtv is the single entity most responsible for 'normalization' of debauchery culture in Murica (hey, to each his own, UNTIL you fuck with the kids, ya cunts!), yet they get to be holier-than-thou on their FAUX'news'Nutwork, as the 'counterbalance'... no different than how Disney's ABC Family/'FreeForm' who air shows which routinely feature all the normalization of #LGBTQWERTY agenda, then after which air the very 'christian' The 700 Club!!


sick degenerate motherfuckers.

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Apparently the MSM has really planted their flag on trying to associate #pizzagate with Hillary, as a disinfo and dismissal tactic. This post refutes that idea outright, pointing out that Hillary has never been tied directly to pedophilia. Pizzagate is about the Podestas, not the Clintons.

I had previously said the MSM hadn't so much as mustered a strawman fallacy when attempting to dismiss and distract people from looking into pzg. I stand corrected, tying Hillary in the way the MSM is doing is a strawman fallacy.

This post also makes a salient point about NYT's trustworthiness where pedophilia is concerned:

We DO know that NY Times CEO Mark Thompson covered up the UK’s Jimmy Savile case for The Guardian before joining the NY Times. In case you’re not up to speed on Savile, he was a high profile UK children’s television host and massive pedophile who was good friends with Prince Charles and disgraced pedophile bishop Peter Ball. Savile threw countless parties for high ranking members of the UK establishment steeped in rumors of pedophilia. Most of this was uncovered after Savile’s 2011 death, after years of Mark Thompson’s diligent work to protect this pedophile.
(Emphasis in original; also, original has source links on these claims)

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As promised, here it is! The gift that keeps on censoring.
Just as how the mass murderous warcriminal oBUSHma quietly signed 2012 and 2013 NDAA...

Merry USSA Christmas, ya bastards!

Brace yoselves: 'cause the REAL fake news just got faker. VoA CONUS on steroids.

Now, the bigger question is WTF is Trump gonna do to repeal and/or defund it? If at all??


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h/t +Alan Lovejoy, who said:

Without the state, who will feed the homeless?

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