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Working on a new project.  Details coming up soon.
I would like some free...
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+Nathaniel Emm How do you want to get media on the site without going through loads of legal issues with assholes companies like UMG?
I believe Google Play is being utilized here?
+Luc Jansen, I'm intending this as a library of free content.  Not the illegal torrent sites type of free, but the GNU and CC type of free.  That, and content by those who notably don't specify copyright, with their permission of course.

+Josh Leitzel, no Google Play, sorry.  I am messing around with Google Play for some other projects (and getting nowhere.  Curse Google's protectiveness of source file URLs), but in the end, Google Play's content isn't technically open source, but licensed to Google for them to use as they wish.
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