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Nathanael Rouillard

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Why is it that Adobe don't seem to be able to get their head around the priorities for making tools for UX?
We're already have lots of really great tools for visual and interactive design that are hugely powerful as well as easy to use (although not always at the same time).
What we don't have are comprehensive suites of easy to use tools for research and testing.
So why is it that XD, which they keep talking about as their user experience application, is so focused on the visual and interaction design side of things, with no real focus on providing the sort of functionality that we actually need to be provided?
Is it because they think that Photoshop is a good UX tool, and that it's just an extension of interaction design and graphic design?
Because it honestly feels like it a lot of the time. (Like... it would explain a few things). I actually feel sorry for the UX folks at Adobe if that's the business attitude.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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Nathanael Rouillard

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Such a beautiful design.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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Okay England.

And I do mean England. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland went and did their own things.

It's not that I'm angry with you.
I'm just disappointed.

Also Angry.
You bigoted, selfish, racist dickheads.

Nathanael Rouillard

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I've recently been thinking a lot about the pretty toxic tendency for online communities to engage in witch-hunts, and this article handily illuminates a lot of the reasons why I find them so discomforting.

Sure, I want to side with the victims, but the victims are;

1. Not always correct about what went down
2. Not always obvious.

Then you have witnesses; they are often wrong about what happened, because it turns out that our reality is completely perceptual, and two people can experience the same events and give extremely different (and contradictory) accounts of those events with no malice or deception intended. Plus, our memories are extremely malleable. 

People need to investigate rather than jumping to conclusions.

And these things lead to this sort of horror.
A new documentary shows what the family of a boy wrongly accused in the Boston Bombing went through.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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So, this might be a fairly good indicator of what the inside of my head looks like.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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Yesterday, the London Evening Standard was more or less full of screeds about how awful it is that Labour are threatening to get rid of Non-Dom status. It was painful to read, because it read like someone was trying to bully me into thinking the same thing they did (which, TBF, is what you should expect from the Evening Standard)

Today, it seems to be taking the opposite tack, and talking about how non-dom status is indefensible.

But it is of course doing it in it's trademark style of patronising, low level racism.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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Accessibility is important.
My colleague has an incredibly useful tool to simulate what it's like to have certain accessibility problems.
Accessibility Experience Simulator. This simulator is designed to help designers, developers, and anyone else involved in creating web-based interfaces in understanding the difficulaties faced by users with accessibility issues.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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I don't know about any of you, but I'd like to actually live in a Democracy.
The 2015 General Election has shown once and for all that our voting system is broken beyond repair. Please sign our petition calling for a fairer, more proportional system to elect MPs.
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Nathanael Rouillard

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I've been in meetings like this.
Christian Bates's profile photo
I like to marry it with
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Nathanael Rouillard

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It sounds like spring to me.
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  • Tag Worldwide
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    Contract with Tag Worldwide (part of the DHL group) working on the User Experience for some of their B2B commerce tools.Feb 2016 to present
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    UX and Design Consultant, 2010 - present
    Providing freelance design, marketing, and business consultancy services, including book cover design and illustration, marketing, and business analysis. I am currently providing UX training course development services to for their upcoming UX learning route.Offering freelance design and consultancy services in UX, UI, art and graphics fields. Clients have included, a wheelchair cheerleading stunt team who needed a logo design which can be seen on their website and T-Shirts, and
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    UX Design for Ness SES, UX design Consultancy.
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  • WIN Technologies
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    Designing interactions, interfaces, and visual elements for web and mobile gaming on the android and iOS platforms.
    Usability Designer, 2011 - 2012
    Usability advisor, expert, and designer for agile organisation, the role is to design and wireframe UI elements, workflows, and interactions for the flagship cross ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite/JD Edwards) reporting product "Insight" and it's next generation web client. I sign off and approve developer implementation of designs.Key ResponsibilitiesDriving usability decisions in Product Management and Development organisationsLeading the development of the user interface for the next generation of Business Intelligence and Analysis software dealing with corporate databases and ERP solutions (Oracle EBS, JDE)Designing and overseeing user testing labsDriving a UCD approach within an Agile software development environmentCreation of User Persona’s, Wireframing, and PrototypingDesigning and developing the User ExperienceEnsuring that UI consistency is kept on track with an international development team based in multiple time zones.Balancing the design needs of Product Management with those of the Software Development teams, and finding solutions and compromises which allow project goals to be met within acceptable costs.Promoting new UI methodologies and technologiesLobbying for modernisation of underlying user interface technologies to keep products in line with new thinking resulting from usability and user experience research. Key AchievementsEnhancement of the "Insight Budgeting" tool for which customers had been requesting modernisation and enhancement.Designing the new report designer, allowing for complex "Big Data" report templates to be built visually, allowing the customer to create custom templates pulling data from multiple simultaneous SQL based data sources.
  • Marconi
    Senior Media Designer, 2005 - 2010
    Key ResponsibilitiesLeading a team of 5 producing 2D and 3D assets for acoustic simulation and UI/UX projects respectively whilst liaising with other production teams.UI and UX design, development, usability assessment & consultation for touch screen control interfaces and management/efficiency tools.Lead developer of enhanced media and 3D graphics used for bids and presentations as part of rail and metro marketing campaigns.Construction and Project management of the creation of 3D models of London Metro and Underground stations for Tubelines and Metronet OPO projects, including the Tottenham Court Road re-design, Waterloo, Euston, and Liverpool Street amongst many others ensuring delivery according to scheduled deadlines through management of team resources.Various levels of video production, including project management, design, pre-production, production, and post production.Liaising with clients on design decisions and objectives.Design Visualisation/Pre-VisualisationMarketing material design and implementation.UX Development and maintenance of division intranet presence.Information ArchitectureApproval of Holiday and assignment of labour within the team.Design of UI/UX for touch screen interfaces including icons, station maps, asset selectors, and navigation management. 3D & 2D modelling.UI/UX design and development.Liaising with clients on design decisions and objectives.Graphic DesignDesign Visualisation/Pre-VisualisationAcoustic ModellingLead role in research into potential new technological aids such as real time 3D tracking and mapping using new technology and software developments to save time and money in the creation of 3D models.Software and services branding.Marketing material design and implementation. Key AchievementsDeveloper of media and 2D/3D graphics used for bids and presentations, helping to win large contracts worth millions of pounds including a £12 million contract supplying London Bus with new bus stop timetable displays.Creation and delivery of technical drawings as well as recreating substandard drawings at an acceptable quality for a major rail FTN upgrade project, saving the company large non-conformance fines.Developed in house 3D design capabilities as integral part of a acoustic modelling/simulation team developing tools for use in acoustically problematic environments.Developed a 3D design process to help streamline engineering design and keep site visits to a minimum by teaching engineers 3D design tools to help visualise designs more efficiently, saving the company money on site visits and design rework.Core part of a team involved in winning acoustic design approval for all Tubelines operated stations away from the incumbent provider, saving the company millions of pounds, and lowering costs for the client.Key role in UX development of HCI on MICA software controling all Tubelines operated stations on the London Underground.
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Nice meeting place, if a bit noisy.
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Lovely pub with a first class, rotating real ale selection, and great staff. Great, friendly environment, full of great regulars. An extremely unpretentious and welcoming place.
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reviewed 3 months ago
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